Rapmonster's Pov

"Kookie! Your now my mahal!"

What in the humanic world is a Mahal?

"Suga,When is this show ending?"I asked,Quite curious.

"Seriously? We just got here yesterday and You already want out?"He said raising an eyebrow.

"Nope....Just.....This place kinda makes me feel awkward"I whispered telling the truth.

"Tshh,Just suck it up.Maybe you'll get a chance to get a girlfriend,I heard Amy-ah likes raps and hiphop"He said mischieviously.

"Shut up,Suga.You know that relationships can ruin our career"I said.But can't stop my eyes from landing on Amy who is sitting on Exo luhan's shoulders as they wrestle with Suzie who sits on Jungkook's shoulders.

She giggled Cutely when she managed to push suzie making jungkook fall and for them to sink in the water.

Her eyes turned to me then she gave an energetic wave with a smile.

"Psh,Atleast make some friends"Suga said.

"Fine,Whatever you say sugar"I said teasingly.

"Shut up Dance Monster!"He shot back making me laugh.

Where's Jhope?

I turned around and found jhope laughing like an idiot with chanyeol and himchan.

Woah,Are himchan and Jhope twins of some sort?

I looked at daehyun,Baekhyun and V and compared them.

Kekeke,Family reunited.

Cheska's Pov

"Yeah! But the leopard print is kinda out dated!"I said laughing.

"Yeah,But snake print? Are you kidding me?"He said laughing.

"What's next? Cow print? cockroach print? Fly print?"The two of us bursted laughing.

"Yah! Jimin! Stop splashing water at me!"I heard a certain throne thief said.

And he even dare wear a pink trunks?! How dare his Trunks be Pink-er and more elegant than my baby pink designer shorts and price-less hit pink bikini top?!.

I don't care If I get called a pink pig,But It have to be that has the pink on!

I climbed out of the pool and sneaked up behind his chair.

I wish you just ate bbq to get a stomach chrumps.

Amy's Pov

"Aaaaahhh!"I turned around and saw jin sink to in to the deepest part of the water and the plastic white chair followed and hit his head quite hard.

His arms flung around trying to swim past the plastic chair.

Rapmonster oppa and Suga oppa swam to his help quickly.

I looked up from where Jin oppa just fell and found Francheska looking shocked.

d-did she j-just?!

The cast of E.M run in and gave a cpr to an unconcious jin.

I quickly hop off the pool and dragged francheska out of the scene and inside the bathroom where Im sure there's no camera.

"Did you just pushed Jin oppa to the pool?!"I nearly shouted as I slammed her back against the wall.

"N-No! I-I mean I was gonna - but- I Didnt-"I cutted off her stutter and glared at her.

"Tell me the truth! I know your dirty little secrets,You've said thousands of lies and I won't let you slip away from what you did this time! Im sick of your lie-ing self! What kind of a sister are you?!"I runted off angrily.

When we just met each other.

She was a spoiled scheming brat,I almost went to jail because of her!


Cheska and her dad had a disagreement,She called me to the mall that her father owns.

I was confused and shocked when she suddenly started destroying everything and crashing the glass everywhere.

She threw the valuable priceless jewelrys and kicked the tables around.

She threaten the employees to shut their mouths or else she'll throw their bussiness out and demolish their homes.

The police started getting alarmed and rushed in to action to capture us.

Cheska suddely kicked the back of my knee cap making me fall to the ground.

She grabbes the back collar of my shirt and hold me down.

She told the police that I was the one who did all of this and pushed me to them.

I looked at her with disbelieve and but she just glared at me to shut me up.

She promised me that she will change but she just kept doing things much more...

All I can do is forgive her...

She just wanted her father to pay attention to her...

If my dad was still alive,I wouldve done anything to catch his attention....right?

Flashback end

"Y-you really think I did it? Yeah I was thinking of pushing him and kinda wishing that he'll drown but This time,I didn't do it!"She deffended.

"But you still planned on killing him! Whats wrong with you?!"I dont know if im exaggerating but Jin oppa almost drowned to death!

I stumped out of the bathroom leaving her there flubbergasted.

W-was I going too harsh? She did said that she didnt do it.....


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