chapter 3

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I tripped but didn't land on the floor but I

had no clue what I landed in.

Some lights were on i quickly stood

up and looked what it was.

It was a guy.

It was a guy a very hot guy.

I could feel my self blush.

I then said "Omg sorry, I'm very sorry"

He smiled at me with

his amazing white teeth

that made me blush even


Then he said "what would u be sorry 4?".

"Well 4 falling on u".

""Oh that's alright it's not like every day you get 2 catch a beautiful girl in

ur arms".

I was kind of laughing in my

head cuz me and my bff

made this thing up

instead of lmao

there was bmao.(blush my ass off)

"Who me?"

"Well yeh"

I started to laugh a bit.

"Sorry I just find it amusing

that u called me beautiful".

"Wow girls these days get amused by telling them a fact ".

Omg that  was like the most nicest thing

a guy had told me!!!!

"Well any way I'm Cameron".

I thought, he reminds me of someone.

"I'm kiley".

"Sorry if this is rude but I love ur accent"

"nah it ok i love American accent too..we don't have them much in England".

"By the way r u going swimming"

I was kind of planning in having a quick dip.

"yeh just to chill out 4 a moment"

"same my friends said that no one does that...."

"do u wanna go together".

"Sure y not"he smirked at me and we went.

__at the swimming pool____

It was quite hot in the night I must say.I walked of to lay

sown on the things dunno what there called oh yeh sun beds

I had to stay near the pool

to have some light.

I was very close to the

pool. I looked at my sis posts

and saw pics of the

magcon viners.

I knew I know who he was.

Cameron Dallas.

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