Chapter 11: To the Witches Tower

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I put the egg in a satchel that I stole from a dead guy at the caves. I started to go to the Witches Tower. I gained a lot of energy from sleighing the dragon...and I mean A LOT of energy! I went down slowly since it was a deep hill and to save my energy and i had an egg with me. I was climbing down the mountain again. More scrapes and bruises. I had to go down the long way because the shorter way was too steep and the egg could get easily cracked.

After hours of climbing and walking in the terrible heat of the sun that burned my face and my shoulders, I made it to the witches tower....with a quarter of energy I originally had. It was HUGE!!!! It must of been as tall as...what I have heard of....the Empire State building! It was all black with little splashes of darkness. I really hoped that it wasn't blood. There were itty bitty openings that looked like windows that were completely bared up. I was looking at it when I heard a voice.

"Password," a witch said  with an old cracked voice.

"Uh... I don't know any password, I just wanted to be evil,"

"You're that Rose girl, that Debby keeps talking about, aren't you?"

"That is none of your business." I simply stated.

"Come on in, Rose." I rolled my eyes. The bars ever so slowly and loudly squeaked up. They opened all the way. I walked in. I felt good, that is evil good of course. Then I looked around, and to my surprise, it wasn't a nice all. All the furniture was torn up, there was mold and rotten food and even the walls had huge holes in them. There decorations were bones and dead animals, and not only the skins. It smelled TERRIBLE!I don't know how they could live here 24-7. I guess they really don't since they escape so often without anyone knowing. There was a bar and every seat had a witch in it. Two witches were fist fighting over one stool. If you looked behind the bar, there was a whole dining room. Of course, it wasn't a very nice one. There were broken chairs all over the place. The tables were scattered all over the place. There wasn't a single witch sitting in it. Not a single witch but a boy my age sitting in the center of the room, looking very confused. What was he doing here. I bet he was wondering why I was here. I walked towards him.

"Hi," I said. He just nodded. I sat down in a chair that I was pretty sure I would fall through in in like 10 seconds.I got up."What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Life," He said. And oh, how I could agree with everyone else here.

"Well, what's your name? Or are you like those witches and don't really have one?"

"I have a name, Jacob." That seemed okay with me at first, until I remembered that Jacob was the name of the long lost prince...son of Rapunzel, there family is none for getting lost or kidnapped.

"JACOB!!! Why are you here?"

"You know about me?"

"Duh! Long lost prince."

"Prince? I'm not a prince! I'm Fefe's son."

"No, you're Rapunzel's son."

"Who's Rapunzel?" I was about as confused as he was. Then I had one of those A-a moments.

"The memory potion! No wonder your so confused! I need to take you to the Pixie Dust Tree!"


"To get your memory back! The witches now control your memory so they can make you forget or remember anything at anytime. The Pixie Dust Tree can make you all better, it can make anything better! I can't believe I wanted to be a witch. There so rude, and evil, and dirty. I miss Louis."

"Who's Louis?"

"Oh, you'll see. She's like Cinderella!"

"Who's Cinderella?"

"Oh boy, we need to get a move on."

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