Awkward family affair

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"Hello Gabriel." Castiel said unfazed.

"So get this Cas, Sam has been sleeping with Gabe." Dean said thinking it might have surprised him.

"I know Dean." Cas said. "Sam smells like Gabriel. Just like to Gabriel you smell like me."

Gabriel walked over to Sam putting a hand on his ass. Sam looked over to Gabriel giving him a bitch face. Gabriel smiled taking Sams hand after removing it from his ass.

Dean looked at Gabriel with the ' I will fucking kill you look'  with  confusion in his voice " how long have you know Cas?" Dean was upset.

"5 months." Castiel said narrowing his eyes confused why Dean is up set.

"Why didn't you tell me?"Dean said his eyebrows raised.

Gabriel snapped his fingers. Sam was now

sitting in a chair Gabriel sitting on his lap. Sam gave a bitch face. Gabriel mouthed what , he leaned up and kissed Sam making him blush.

"Will you fucking quit doing the adorable couple thing." Dean yelled towards Sam and Gabriel. Gabriel raised his hands in defense.

"it was not of important to the current status of team free will." Castiel said confused.

Dean went to say something and Gabriel jumped up. "Don't get upset with Cas,he is is a little slow on these things." Everyone nodded except Cas who is a little slow and confused. "Now why don't we go do something as a loving dysfunctional family thing."

"Like a double date?" Dean said

"if that's what you want to call it Dean." Gabriel said with a smirk on his face. Dean looked at Gabriel with disbelief getting ready to argue that he said any thing chickflicky. "So be it." Gabriel snapped his fingers.

Before Dean, Sam or Castiel had time to react they were in a restaurant. Fancyish, empty. "Really Gabriel." Sam and Dean said in unison.

They were seated with Castiel seated across from Sam, but on the left side of Dean.

"But we don't have to eat." Castiel said confused.

"Yeah, I am aware of that, but are toys do." Gabriel said pointing to Sam and Dean. Sam and Dean both looked at Gabriel with a bitch face.

"OK sorry Sam, you are not a toy your MY toy." Sam took what apologie he could get. Dean just rolled his eyes. Gabriel Clapped a nice salad appeared in front of Sam and a big hamburger in front of Dean.

"Your an asshat Gabriel, why does my brother like you?" Dean mumbled under his breath so Sam couldn't hear. who was already eating the salad

"Dean, Gabriel is a celestial being he can hear you." Castiel said.

"That was the point." Dean said surprisingly

sweet to Castiel. After examining the hamburger "Now Gabriel, why do you like my brother." Dean said sassly taking a bite out it and passive aggressively chewing towards Gabriel .

Before Gabriel could speak Sam went "does there gave to be a reason? He can't like me for me?" Sam looked at Dean.

"I didn't mean it like that" Dean groaned

"I just want to know his intention, like when you went to prom and her dad had questions." Dean said politely.

"I could ask you the same. But, Dean I love your brother, he is kind , sweet, adorable, he makes me better. As for my intentions. I want to bind souls one day." Gabriel said completely serious taking Sams hand under the table. "Now what's with you and my brother." Gabriel said slightly defensive.

With out skipping a beat "I want to be with him. He has been through so much with me and I will try never to hurt him. " Dean kept wye contact with Gabriel.

Castile looked like he understood what was

going on. "Addressing Sam he spoke "I don't think you could physically hurt my brother, and emotionaly he would destroy you. I want to one day bind souls with Dean.  So do you have any questions for me?"

Sam eyes got big as if he had reached nirvana "who many times did you have sex in the car?" Gabriel and Deans eyes got big with shock as Sam never talked like that.

Castiels face grew red "that depends front seat or back?"

Sams face turned red with a mix of embarrassment and anger." That is not OK do NOT have sex in the car." Sam said strictly at Dean because he knew it wasn't Castiels idea.

"No more sex in the car." Dean said Unsincerely.

Gabriel laughed a bit." I think we could all use some rest. And now that we know how we all understand who is screwing who. There is no need for Sam to be in a room with Dean tonight." Gabriel said addressing the group. "If you catch my drift." Gabriel said raising his Eyebrows a few times. Sams face still red from before was had still not changed back.

First a little bit grossed out realized him and

Castiel would have the room alone. Dean bit his lip putting his hand on Castiels way upper leg." I get it." Sam looked a bit mortified

Castiel looked around "I don't understand."

Before snapping Gabriel said "I am sure Dean will educate you." Gabriel snapped he appeared in a room with Sam sitting on the bed.  Dean and Castiel appeared in a different room with Castiel on the bed.

Castiel cleared his throat "I think I get it."

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