Chapter 8

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Alina's P.O.V

*A few hours later*

After we finished dinner Perrie brought me to my room so I could put my stuff away. She said that tomorrow since her and the girls have a day off that they'll take me shopping for clothes and decor and paint for my room.

I'm actually really excited for tomorrow because I get to see the rest of little mix, my absolute role models, and now they're pretty much like my aunts! I swear I'm pretty much living every directioner and mixers dream. I just feel as though, I'm not good enough for Perrie and Zayn.

I just feel as if they deserve so much more from a child, I'm not good enough for them. they're talented in so many ways and here I am so plain and boring, and I'm sure I can't do jack shit! now pardon me for my language, but it's true.

Maybe things will change for me, but probably not. the only good thing that came in my life was being adopted by good people. I hope they will love me as much as I love them because, I really do love them and I am grateful that they came and saved me from all those years of torture in that horrid orphanage.

If they didn't adopt me I'm sure I'd be there for another four years, and that's honestly the last thing I'd ever want.

"Lina, what's going in in that mind if yours love?"

Perrie asked me. what do I tell her she already told me that I had nothing to worry about since both her and Zayn see me as their own child, but I still get worried. I guess I'll just tell her the first thing that comes to mind.

"This room is amazing Perrie!" yup that's good enough

"Well I'm glad you like it, and tomorrow you can get whatever you want to make it feel like home and makes you feel comfortable." That's good to know that she wants me to feel at home. I smile at her and she smiles back

"Thank you Perrie I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, it should be fun!" She laughs.

"It's always a blast when hanging around Jesy, jade and Leigh" that's when I realise, what if they don't like me? I guess I was thinking out loud because that's when Perrie said to me.

"Of course they will like you Alina, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I understand why you get worried people won't like you, I totally get that, when I was younger I thought people wouldn't like me because I didn't have the ability to smell things, but I got over that. now I don't expect you to think I'm perfect because I'm far from that I have my flaws too, but I don't let them get in the way of being myself. You shouldn't let that get in your way either. Forget about any insecurities you had for just one minute, how do you feel?" it takes a minute for me to ignore them, but once I do, I feel good about myself for once in my life.

" I feel good about myself."

She smiles then says

"Now don't you wish you could feel like this all the time?" I nod my head.

"Well you can! you just need to think about all your good qualities and not your bad, if you do that you can live a happy life. it may seem hard Alina but I'm here to help you and so is Zayn. you may not have grown up with someone to teach you these things but we're here now to help you become a strong, brave, independent, beautiful young woman. you may not see it now but you will."

She hugs me as I nod once again, because I'm speechless from this lecture/speech she just gave me.

"Now would you like to come watch a movie with us? you can pick if you want."

"I'd like that very much, but I think you might want to pick the movie, since the only one I actually only ever watch is now you see me." She laughs at my response.

"Don't worry, I like that movie and so does Zayn so I think we can watch that."

"Ok, then. lets watch a movie!"


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