1. I found someone else

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        *Leia's POV&Thoughts*

*Ringggg* The bell rang. Finally the summer holidays! As everyone ran out of class pushing and shoving each other basically creating a stampeed I decided to wait until the hall was empty and it was safe to come out. I had to rush home to get my stuff and things sorted for my holiday in Indiana with my Bestfriend. It's been a long time ever since I've seen Payton, 2months to be exact, I know it's not long but to me it is! I was just walking home until I got a Text from Connor;Myboyfriend I took a long hard look at my phone

"Come to the park, we need to talk" I felt my heart stop and I started to make my way to park. There I saw Connor sitting on a bench, I knew exactly want 'we needed to talk about'.

"Hi" I said looking down to him with no expression at all

"come sit"he patted the space next to him. "Look, whatever I'm going to tell you, you need to know that ..."

"Connor whatever you're trying to say, say it now." I butted in.

"I found someone else " my heart broke into pieces and pieces until there was nothing there, I felt a tear slowly dropping down my cheek.

"Ur breaking up with me? " I asked him. He gave me no replies and no words he just nodded his head. I stood up and started running home. I opened the door and ran to my room

"Hi darling, hope ur stuff is rea-dy " I heard my Mum say. I went to my room and slammed the door and buried my face into the pillow and cried my eyes out.

"Leia? Darling?" My Mum opened the door and saw me sobbing on my pillow. This was just What I wanted.


I know it's short but yh...

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