3. Alex

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Haha different perspectives are gonna be in this book so here's the first. :3

Chapter 3

Alex POV

She was beautiful. Her golden blond hair and sparkling hazel eyes, and I just stood there smirking.

After I left her with Chloe, I walked to class with Lucas. I went to sit down in my seat in the back. I sat beside Lucas and an empty seat.

"Have you heard about the new girl?" Lucas asked.

"Nope why."

"They say she's pretty hot," he said wiggling his eyebrows.

I smirked knowingly. "Even if she is, she so wouldn't go for a retard like you," I said hitting him upside his head.

"Class, today we have a new student." Mrs. Robbins said walking into class.

Then I saw her. Madelynn walking into my classroom. I could see all of the guys turning their attention to her.

"What's your name dear?" Mrs. Robbins said.

"Madelynn Sterlings." she said in a cute voice. Well I guess the guys are after her now.

"Well Madelynn, welcome to geography class. now please, take a seat." Mrs. Robbins said. She looked around, then when she glanced at me she started walking towards me. She sat down at the seat next to me and took out her books. All I could do was sit there and watch.

As soon as class ended I got up and walked over towards her. She looked up at me and smiled. "So, how is it going?" I said.

"Good, and there's a lot of clubs too."

"Hah, yeah."

"Hey, could you show me where the history class is?"

"Yeah just follow me." I said.

She grabbed her bag and stood up. I walked to the door with her on my heels. The history class was just two classes from here, we didn't have to walk far. I started to walk to social studies until Brittany, the head cheerleader, pushed me up against the lockers.

"Hey where's my fun?" she asked as she trailed a finger down my chest. Slut.

"There's not gonna be anymore for awhile." I say pushing her gently so I could leave. I was already late. Then I felt her grab my shirt.

"Why not?" she said pouting. She really shouldn't do that. It's not as cute as she thinks.

"Maybe because I don't wanna." I pulled away, walking to social studies.

"Fine, but you'll never get another chance like this." she yells from down the hall. "You'll pay."

'Good' I thought, as I entered the room.


After school I went home. As I was pulling up into my driveway, I saw Madelynn get off the bus. She saw me and met my gaze. She stood there, staring at me as I was staring back. Then I turned to leave. "Wait!" she said. "Can I at least have your number?"

"Nope" I said opening my door and entering my house. I really do hate homework. Even if I do it, I'll have housework from my mom. Well so be it I guess. I went to my room and started working with chips beside me. This is gonna be a long day.


It was 10:15 and I took a shower. While I was passing the window I saw Madelynn writing in her diary. She got up and put her diary on her bed, and left. Smirking, I hopped out the window, on a branch that leads from my window to her's. As I landed, I stumbled. Man I've gotta work on that. When I grabbed the diary, the door opened. And there was Madelynn with a bowl of grapes.

"Ah--." She attempted to scream.

"Shhh." I said quietly covering her mouth with my hand.

"Are you going to scream when I let go?" I whispered.

She sighed and shook her head. I stared at her lips as I was removing my hand from them. She had curiosity in her eyes as she looked at me. I could hear her heart beating fast, but steadily.

"Alex," she whispered. "I can't."

"And why is that?" I asked.


I pressed my lips softly against hers. Well that shut her up. At first she didn't react, but then she put her hands around my neck and I put mine around her waist.

The kiss was soft and tender. "Madelynn!?" her mom yelled from downstairs. "Are you okay?" Surprised, we separated.

"Y-yes!" she yelled back.

"Okay, get to bed. Goodnight."

I was smirking. I ran over to her dresser and picked up a pen. "Hey!" she said. I started scribbling in her diary running around the room, her chasing me. "No!" she exclaimed. Then I laid the diary on her bed and jumped out the window, climbing across the branch.

Before going to bed, the last thing I saw that night was Madelynn smiling.


Neat way of seeing eachother huh. haha figure out what he wrote in the nxt chapter... thx <3

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