The One House Left

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One day it was this fire on a street. The house set on fire had a little girl in it. She died in the fire. When the fire was burning the little girl was screaming for help. The people ignore her cry for help. The girl was only 8 it all happened like this.

There was one apartment building. The one all the way at the top had a nice family. The mother Anna, the daughter Monea, and the grandmother Ellen. The grandmother was very sick. The mother had left to get the grandmother's medicine. Monea want to cook eggs for the grandmother. So she was making the eggs and her favorite show came on, she runs over there to the couch and sat down to watch her show. Monea forgets about the eggs.The eggs are burning, the fire starts in the kitchen. Monea smells smoke and went to go check on the eggs. Monea see that the eggs are on fire. She went to get her grandmother and take her out the house. She gets her grandmother out the apartment. She went back in to see if she can  put out the fire. She was throwing water but it was not working so she tried to get out but she couldn't. Monea runs in her room, the fire is getting closer to her room. The next door neighbor called the fire department.They were on the way already because someone eles called. The fire department got there but the fire had got in the room she got to the window and was screaming for help but they couldn't hear her. The fire had got the little girl and when they were coming to save her she was already dead.

Then 1 decade later a family moved in the apartment. The little girl Claire could see ghost. So when she was in her room seen Monea. Claire said"Did you live her before me?" . Monea replied with a sad voice"Yes". Then Claire ask "well do you want to play outside". Monea shook her head yes. They went outside. Claire's mom said "Come and eat Claire Bear", Claire said"Ten more minutes please". Her mother said why and Claire said I want to play with my friend. Then she said where is she and Claire said right here. Claire's mom said ok ten more minutes. Monea was telling Claire about what happened to her. Then Claire's mom said time to come in now Claire Bear.  Claire said ok coming mom. Claire ask Monea did she want to come and eat with us. Monea said sure I haven't ate in ten years.  Then they both go inside and go to the dinner table but ther is only 2 chairs. The mother is getting ready to sit in the chair Monea is sitting in. Then Claire saids Monea is sitting right there.The mother said stop playing Claire it's not funny and now eat your food. That's when Monea got mad and made the room rumble to prove that she was sitting there. The mother asked Claire was that Monea. Claire replied yes she is sitting right there see I told you. The mother said ok I will eat in my room. Then Claire is done eating. And mom says come on Claire time for bath. Claire says ok and can Monea get in with me. Mom says yes she can does she have night clothes. Claire says no she can brought mine. Then Claire and Monea are in the tub together. Then Claire calls her mom to come wash her up and while Claire is getting wash up Monea says "Can you ask your mom can I call her mommy too?".Claire asks her mother and she said yes. Then the girls get reday for bed and mom kisses them goodnight. Monea gets up and walks out the room. Claire asks where are you going? Monea said come on I will show you. Claire follows Monea to the roof.Mom wakes up and is coming to check on Claire and Monea. But when she went in the room they weren't in. Mom is looking all over the house and all of a suddenly she heard a scream. She is walking up the apartment building steps,  then hears that scream again. Mom is running up to the top floor. She is on the roof and was looking around the she sees Claire hanging off the roof. Then she goes to save Claire but Monea pushes Mom. Mom falls and then she gets up and says leave my baby alone then Monea replied in a anger tone NNNNOOOOOOO. Mom goes to go get help but everyone was passied by Monea.  Mom is screaming and crying let my baby go. Monea says if you come to the other side with me and be my mother I'll let her go. Mom says yes now put her on the roof  and let her go. Monea puts her on the roof. Claire runs over there to mom and mom said Claire I'm glad that you are alive. But I made a promise to keep you alive now go down stairs in your room and lock the door until I come back. Claire runs down stairs and then she hears a scream but doesn't go back. Then she sees her mother as a ghost and asked why are you a ghost? Mom replied I had to kill myself so you can live.Now help is on the way stay where you are and I'll see you in the elavator.Claire says wait mom where is Monea she said she is in a happy place now also she says hi and we will came and vist you everyday.  Claire says ok see you later mom i love you and Mom says I love you too.

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