Chapter 8

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Lucia's POV

I woke up with a pounding headache and stumbled towards the bathroom to get some advil. Last night Liam took me to Funky Buddha and lets just say i had an awful hangover this morning. I grabbed my mac and headed back to my bed. I opened my laptop and decided it was time to get twitter so I could see what was happening in the world. Tilly always blabs on about how amazing twitter is but frankly I never had the time or energy to create an account. I put in a username and decided my password. I texted Liam and Tilly telling them my username which was @LuciaOfficial. Seconds later I had two new followers and then I saw that Liam had tweeted me saying "Good to see you finally joined twitter x." Seconds later I had over a thousand tweets asking me how and why I knew Liam and if I knew the rest of the boys, I decided to ignore them ,not in a rude way but I didn't want to risk anyone finding out about us yet. 

I went onto my emails and saw an email from my mum, and attached to it was a link to daily mail showbiz. I opened the link and was horrified by what I was looking at.


Liam Payne,20 headed out for the night with mystery women this weekend. The star was seen having a drink and partying with the girl all night and even shared a kiss with her several times throughout the evening. So what do you think Directioners are you outraged or happy and do you think this is Liams new girlfriend?                                             

I decided to text Liam the link as I didn't know what to do. After sending the text to Liam I decided to reply to my mum's email and tell her that Liam and I are going out but I don't think that I want the world knowing that we are going out well atleast not yet. Once I had sent the email I had recieved a text from Liam. Which said "It seems pretty obvious that we are something, do you want me to announce it if the question comes up in my next interview? x" I replied nervously "Ok I guess it has already come out and it needs to come from you as no one would listen to me. x" 

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