Let It Go (Sequel to My Bestfriend's Dad)

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So, hi guys it's me Giselle. And, I am back with the sequel of My Bestfriend's Dad. The reason I decided to do this was because it wasn't fair what I did to you guys. I know the ending sucked and a lot of of youwanted me to do this sequel. So here goes.

Chapter 1 *New Beginnings*

With my son on my hands I cross the street to go buy him an Ice-cream that he's been begging for. I walk on the cross walk holding him firmly in my hands his little head on my chest. His small curly blond hair everywhere. He looks exactly like his dad. He inherited the blue eyes and blond hair sometimes I see Dereck on his face.

"Mommy, Ice-cream." He cheerfully smiles looking up at me with excitement.

"Yes, Maxi Ice-cream," I say opening the door to enter the shop.

"No, mommy. Riley," His baby voice argues. He knows his name but, he hates it when I call him Maxi.

"It's Riley Maximillian," I correct. I walk up and order a banana split for the both of us. I sat him down in the table next to me. He looked impatient waiting for his banana split. "Mommy, chocolate?" He questions as his small hands fold in the table.

"Yes, Maxi and strawberry." I say looking at his small features. He's barely three years old but, he knows how to speak very well which I am proud of. One thing is for sure he loves arguing with me I pretend to 'argue' back because I know he loves it. He laughs about it. Today was Sunday which I had my free weekend so that was good which meant I could be with my son. No one has come to look for us which is a great relief I have. Dereck understood that I left for a reason. A reason I would never get to tell him because it was my fault his daughter died. I called Kol every week to keep him up with Ryley and the late news. I got a new number, new job, new life, away from everything.

Well, not certainly but, I could be happy. I had gotten a job in a restaurant two weeks after I got here. It was an excellent job, it offered good money, but, I couldn't speak Spanish which was a major bummer so I only attended the English speaking people. It was so embarrassing, when they wanted to order and I didn't understand anything they were saying. It was still good I mean $100 a day for five days was great. And, on top of that I rested on the weekends. Which by the way it gets more full on the weekends but, my boss understands I have a son I need to get too. But, my shifts started early at 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. I had to leave my son with a personal babysitter.


We got back to our apartment. Maxi was sleeping in my arms so; I had to be careful not to wake him up. Walking to his room I lay him on his bed covering him with a small blanket. Walking out to the living room I put on a movie after, I take out Shrek because Max really loves that movie. Before I could put 'The Ring' on the house phone started ringing. Damn it. Slowly picking up the phone I answered, "Hello?" I question

"Paige?" Umm.. No.

"No," I correct. Yes, I did I changed my name. You know what they say new life. So I changed it too. Changing the name to something totally opposite. I changed it to Gabriella Mathison. It did cost money but, hell it was worth it. Most people at work call me Ella yet, some don't know it's Gabriela. No one here knows my old name. It's a sin to say it.

"Paige?" He asks again. Damn it I said no.

"No. You have the wrong number," No one knows my old identity so why would he? Besides how did he even get this number asking for Paige? Something sneaky is going on here. The voice did not sound familiar so I hung up. Bored enough I start to play the movie. Stupid movie doesn't scare me. Then, again the phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I question again.

"Paige Andrews?" Damn, this time with a last name and everything.

"No," I say a little more nervous than before. I hung up not waiting for a response. I took a deep sigh pressing play on the movie. The phone started ringing. I didn't even bother to stop the movie because whatever I had to say was going to take just a mid-second. I picked it up yelling "Leave me alone!" then, hanging out again. I disconnected the wire from the phone so it could no longer bug me. I served myself some popcorn to continue watching the movie.

The next ay I had to get back to work so I called maxi's babysitter. I quickly straightened my hair putting on shorts, and a V-neck before getting into my rented car and drove to work. I couldn't afford a car yet. I'm still saving up. The fact that I felt like I was being followed by a gray camero gave me the creeps. But, then I thought to myself 'Maybe he's going to the same place I'm going '. Every turn I made the car would do the same.

Then, finally I arrived to Amadeus's Restaurant. It was a sea food restaurant it wasn't so bad. I liked it. It was an out and inside restaurant. A wooden path from the sand to the restaurant and the beach below the wooden path. Tables set out for the ocean view. And , tables inside. I parked my car then, entered the place. It was soon to be 8 so I started fixing the tables outside and clean them.

"Ella! Hey!" My boss walks up to me helping me with the chairs. "Hey Margaret," I say putting the chairs in the tables.

"How's Ryley?" She asks. I hadn't brought Ryley for a while now. I'd say a month. When I bring him she takes care of him. I still don't like bringing him that much though because everyone wants to carry him and Max gets annoyed and whines.

"Oh, he's good." I say walking to the other table followed by Margaret. Then, I saw the guy that was following me walk in. I knew he was coming here.

"Sorry, we are not open yet," Margaret says walking up to him.

"Oh, I'm looking for Paige Andrews." He says searching around. Shit! Why the hell was he looking for me?! And, why the hell is he so firmly dressed? I don't remember him from anywhere. Who the hell is he?

"No, I'm afraid Paige does not," Hell yeah she does not. I thought. Didn't I make it clear I don't want nothing to do with my old identity? But, I just had to ask why he was looking for me. I speed walk towards him as he leaves.

"Why are you looking for Paige?" I ask nervously.

"Who are you?" He asks.

" Ella Mathison," I greet.

"I'm not allowed to give that information," He says looking directly into my eyes. What information?

"I'm a friend of hers," I pause " Did someone hire you?" I ask. He looks at me before walking off. Damn! I think he is. Shit! Shit! Shit! They better not be doing some stupid shit behind my back. He gets into his car looking down into his legs then at me. A little terrified I walk away. This had to be someone's plan. But, why do I feel so close to something?

My son was half a sleep when I got home. I sat down next to his small body in the small bed feeling his hair. His soft blond hair. He laid emotionless like if he wouldn't break anything. I don't regret or take back anything. I'm proud to be here with him. All, I have desired even though it came out in a weird kind of way. My son has changed me, and my life. I'm thankful for him coming out healthy and beautiful. Even though I am no longer with Dereck I still remember him. Thanks to him I have my son. And, I may know and feel that Max will not meet him I will take care of him. I still do love Dereck and sometimes, I do feel like calling hum but, I never can. I don't blame him for not looking for us . He lost his daughter nearly 4 years ago . I don't hate him in fact I love him . No matter the distance and time it doesn't change the way I feel about him. My son reminds me of him. In fact, Max doesn't even look like me, he looks all like his father. I kissed maxi's head before walking out closing the door behind me

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You know what to do:) :)

xoxoxo Giselle

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