Meeting The Countries

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So far, no one noticed me... I snuck my way over to Daddy. When I was hiding behind a statue, I tugged on his sleeve. When he saw me, I swore his eyes fell out.

"D-D.C! What are you doing here?!" he yelled. I groaned, knowing that the other nations were looking at him.

"Dad, they're watching!" I hissed. Though, I think a few people heard me.

"Onhonhon, who is this?" said a certain Frenchman in a seductive voice. Scratch that. I KNOW a few people heard.

I screamed and hid behind America. "D-DON'T LET THAT GUY NEAR ME!!"

"Woah, chill out. France won't hurt you!" said Daddy in his usual voice. Uncharicteristically, his eyes hardened. "At least, he better not."

France's eyes widened at the sudden change. "N-Non, of course not! What's with you, America? Is she your girlfriend?" he then wiggled his eyebrows.


"What does the bella mean by that?" Italy wondered with his usual lazy expression.

Daddy groaned. "Well, this secret didn't even last a day... Everyone, this is-"

"Noooo! Lemme introduce myself! Please?" I said, giving Daddy my best begging look.

He looked away. "All right! Just stop with that face!"

I grinned. "Yay! Anyway, I'm Allison, AKA Washington D.C. AKA America's daughter!"

England spit out his tea that he was convinently drinking. "D-DAUGHTER?! HOW COME I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS?!"

"Woah, Iggy dude. Calm down! I only found out about her this morning!" said Daddy.

I looked at the Nations, curiously, as England and Daddy argued. When my eyes fell apon Canada, I grinned and waves. He blushed a little, obviously not used to being seen, and waved back. Out of no where, I shouted, "HOW MUCH WOOD COULD A WOODCHUCK CHUCK, IF A WOODCHUCK COULD CHUCK WOOD?!"

That made the room quiet again. All eyes were on me, except for Greece, since he was asleep. "All that arguing got annoying. Anyway, you all need to get something done! This is a meeting to solve problems, right? Then, get problem-solving!" I grinned. I then walked over to Canada and sat next to him.

Awkwardly, the countries got to business.... For once. I just yawned and took a nap. Oh, how I wish I knew how big the Capitols were going to be.

It had been a week since I came to the HetaVerse. I found out I could talk to Tony and understand him. I became friends with a lot of the Countries, but Hungary and Lichenstein were my two best friends.

I was watching TV, when the doorbell rang. "I got it!" I yelled, running to the door. Daddy was standing behind me when I opened the door. There was Canada!

"Oh, there's no one there. It's probably a teen prank!" Dad then laughed.

I sighed. "Just come on in, Uncle Canada." I stepped out of the way. He came in with a brunette girl behind him. I felt a familiar aura around her. Did I know this girl?

We went to the living room when dad said, "Yo, Canadia! When'd you get here?!"

I sighed and shook my head. "He's been here, daddy. He was the one at the door! Besides, his name is Canada!"

"Oh, sorry dude! Anyway, what brings you here?"

"W-Well, I met m-my own daughter yesterday...." whispered Uncle Mattie.

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