In Hetalia

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A familiar blonde man walked through the streets of Washington D.C. He gave off an aura of a hero. He wore a bomber's jacket with the number 50 on it. His smile was large and bright, nearly as bright as the sun.

He quickly passed an ally where a young girl was. He suddenly stopped and backtracked. What was a girl doing in an ally?! Though he normally wouldn't do this for a human, he picked the girl up.

He noticed the girl had blonde hair, much like his own shade. Her hair reached her higher back and had a small curl. She wore tattered jeans, purple All Star Converse shoes, a white shirt, and a purple jacket. He then quickly walked to his house- er, mansion.

It didn't take that long to reach his home. He easily kicked his door opened. On the couch was an alien watching TV. "Hey, Tony! I'm back and I found a dudette!" he said loudly.

Tony didn't get to reply as the American was already gone. The man places the girl on a guest bed.

-Allison's POV-

I carefully opened my eyes. Rome was right; I'd be able to see in this world! I looked around the room and saw it was pretty plain. I sat up and walked downstairs. As soon as I stepped foot into the living room, the front door slammed open and I jumped.

"HEY, TONY! IS THE DUDETTE- Oh, you're awake!" grinned the man. My eyes widened as he said, "My name is Alfred! I saw you in the streets and saved you!" In his hands, he held none other than McDonald's. When he started walking, I followed him to the kitchen.

"I'm Allison..." I said, slightly nervous. I sat down across from him as he put the bags on the table. I opened a bag and saw a cheeseburger with fries. "You're also called America, correct...?"

He was about to take a bite into his hamburger when I said that. He then looked at me harshly. "How do you even know that?!"

I took a deep breath. "I can sense it." I lied. "Besides, I represent Washington D.C. In other words, I'm like your daughter..."

Alfred blinked. It was tense and quiet for a few minutes. Then, "I have a daughter?! Dude, that's awesome! I'll be the best father ever, because I'm the hero!"

I giggled at that comment. That didn't even make sense! "Then, should I start calling you daddy?"

"Yeah!" Alfred then thought for a moment. "But, I can't let the other nations know. I don't even wanna think of what they'd do to you!"

"I guess that's okay... But, Daddy, they'll find out eventually." I told him.

Alfred sighed. "I know. But, until that happens, they can't know!"

The doorbell then rang. Alfred went to go get it. I quietly ate my food until I saw a little polar bear. I looked at him and knew it was Kumajirou. I grinned and jumped down from my seat, picking him up.

"Who are you?" he softly asked.

I giggled a little. "I'm Washington D.C. It's nice to meet you~!"

The bear seemed to be blushing as he said, "I'm Kumajirou..." I walked to the front door with the bear in my arms.

"A-America, we need to g-get going... We'll be l-late to the meeting..." said a quiet voice. The owner looked alot like my new Daddy, but he had purple eyes.

"No worries, dude! We won't be late!" Daddy then laughed loudly and hit Canada's back.

"Wh-Who is that girl, eh?" whispered the purple eyed man.

Daddy slightly stiffened. He then turned to me. "D.C! I thought we agreed-"

"I know, Daddy, but Kumajirou found his way to me. What will you be late for?" I replied, though I already knew.


I grinned. "Yup! America is my Daddy, since I'm Washington D.C. But, you can call me Allison, if you want."

"I-I'm Canada... May I have my bear b-back?" Canada said quietly. I nodded and handed Kumajirou over.

"Ah, we were on our way to the World Meeting, D.C! Be back soon!" Daddy then pushed Canada out the door.

I sighed and went to the kitchen. Alone in the house. Yay. I then saw a McDonald's bag. "Oh, no... He forgot his lunch!" I picked it up and ran to the door. They were long gone. I sighed. "I guess the secret will be spilled sooner than we thought..." I couldn't let Daddy starve! I then went with my gut feeling and headed to the World Meeting...

I soon saw a large building and quietly made my way inside. I passed quite a lot of rooms, but stopped at the loudest room. I could hear lots of shouting. I carefully opened the door and walked inside...

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