Chapter 2 moving on...

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A/N I know the aging might not be right so...

Vanessa POV (12 years old)

Last night I couldn't sleep. I was crying all night because Riker is leaving for competition. They're leaving today and Laura doesn't know anything about this. She and Ross are having a sleepover, but he woke up early to get ready. Laur will be devastated.

*yawns in background*

I hear Laura waking up, and she might see that Ross isn't there.

Laura- *knocks*

Vanessa- Hey.

Laura- Hi Nessa. Um do you know where Ross went?

I just couldn't tell her.

Vanessa- *lies* no I don't

Laura- well I do. They're outside come on.

Okay. Well looks like she does know.I run behind her to the front door. She has mixed faces (happy,sad,etc). She's probably thinking why r5 and ryland are outside. When we're outside/front of our house, I pull Riker to the side.

Riker- hey Nessa *kisses her*

Vanessa- *kisses back and pulls away* hi

Riker- you know I'm leaving today. Right?

Vanessa- yeah.

Riker- I just want to give you something *gives Nessa a half of a heart*

It was so beautiful. It was on a necklace. Riker took it back, and put it on me. Engraved on it was Riker's name and "his" on it.

Vanessa- thanks it's beautiful.

Riker- and I have the other half.

Riker's half was on a keychain with my name on it. Underneath it said hers.

Vanessa- I can't believe you're leaving today.

Riker- I don't want to leave

He kissed me one more time before...


His cue to leave.we pulled away. Both of us promised to never forget each other. Once he got into the car Laura came up to me.

Laura- look what I got from Ross. I'm guessing you got a gift from Riker too.

Vanessa- *nods*

We both started crying. I think it's time to move on.

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