Before forgetting

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Cassia hadn't slept in eight-no-ten days. it was beginning to become a bit irritating. Everyone around her became more and more annoying. Even her best friend Flora was beginning to become the most outrageously annoying person alive. All that was on Cassia's mind was battle plans. Ovid's army was to attack in less that forty eight hours, if that. They were expected to attack at any minute and Cassia, being the leader, was always on the edge of her seat awaiting their trumpet sounding a vicious battle cry. Cassia's eyes were itching with worry and pain. She sat in her room of her parents castle in her armor and drew pictures of the battle field.

She often did this, drawing. It got her mind off of things. But only for a while. She drew many things and they all sat in a huge pile behind her mirror. They were often of her Dragon Midnight who was a dark shade of gray and had feisty yellow eyes that could make many armies of men cower in fear among the best. But Midnight had a soft spot for Cassia and she herself had one for him.

Looking up tiredly out the window, Cassia saw that it had started snowing. Her misty green eyes sparkled watching the snow fall. If Ovid's army was to come or was already on their way, surely the snow would slow them down by a landslide! For the first time in weeks Cassia began laughing as she ran out the door to tell the news to her parents.

"Mother! Father! I've got fantastic news you may want to hear!" She yelled with glee.

She knocked on the throne room door and before receiving the 'okay', she pushed the door open and ran to her mother who practicing her dancing for a ceremony that would probably never happen.

"Mother, where is father?" She panted "i've got wonderful news I must share with him!"

The Queen blinked.

"Uhm yes dear, your father is outside shooting arrows with Mark"

"Mother how many times must know explain to you, his name is Max!"

She didn't let her mother answer to that one. Quickly she ran to the doors that lead outside to tell the news to her father and found that Max and her father were indeed shooting arrows.


They both turned around. Max looked at her and smiled. His messy black hair that was beginning to gather snow came just above his hazel eyes. He wore simple farm clothes that hung loosely to his body. He was having just as much trouble sleeping as Cassia was. Her father, looking much bigger than Max, grunted but smiled lovingly at his daughter as she came running towards his hurriedly. Cassia looked more like her mother than her father. Cassia was short, whereas her father was incredibly tall and had a scruffy red beard that matched his curly red hair. You could hardly tell he had a neck and he had many freckles. The only thing Cassia favored from her father was his glassy green eyes which now looked down at her as she smiled up at him beaming.

"Father, do you see what's falling from the heavens?"

"Ay, I believe they call it snow." he answered.

"And do you know what the snow insists don't you?" She asked smirking.

"oh I know this one!" Max interrupted. "It means that Ovid, the ugliest warrior there is next to Marquis, shall be slowed down in his attempt to bring down your kingdom, sir."

The king went silent and suddenly bursted with joy.

"Which then gives us a head start! Oh of course Cassia of course! You have not only your mother's pretty face, but her wit as well!" He shouted laughing "Excellent! Max my boy, this lesson I'm afraid will have to wait. I've got battle strategies to write!"

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