He's Going on Tour Again

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Erika's POV

Niall had told me that he is going on tour again so i would have to be home alone until the tour is over. I still have the kids and our puppy.

Niall leaves tomorrow so that means we only have a day to do a lot of things together. Harry is already to leave cause he never likes to pack at the last minute.

I went upstairs to go help him start off packing while he went to go get breakfast with the rest of the boys. I put the twins on our bed with the puppy.

Once his stuff was all packed and ready i put the twins down for their nap, and then took the puppy out to go to the bathroom. I went back inside and grabbed a book to read.

I started to read Divergent. (love this book) I really want to see this movie. Niall just pulled into the driveway. I put my book down so I could get my food.

I ran out to the car and took my food ran back inside and sat in my spot, started eating, and went back to reading my book.

Then the boys walked in once I sat down back in my spot. "Well wasn't that a lovely greeting" Zayn said laughing when he took his boots off.

"Your welcome" I said smiling. the puppy went up to them and started to wag it's tail. "Wow she has grown so big" Louis said.

"Yeah she has" Niall said.

"Niall all of your stuff is packed" I said. "Thanks" He said.

The day went by really fast the next thing i know is Niall and I on the couch half asleep watching a movie that he picked out for us to watch.

I went upstairs to get a shower so i dont smell tonight cause I thought the day went by really fast so I feel like I need a shower.

After my shower i went to bed. I heard Niall come upstairs I think he went to check on the babies cause when he got up here he didn't come straight to the bedroom.

Then he came in and went to sleep next to me.


Sorry if it was short cause i have no idea how long it is

I'm going to start writing on my computer cause I think it's faster and not make a lot of mistakes.

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