Love at first sight

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Cole Pendery fan fiction

Love at first sight:

About a beautiful girl named Rebecca with chestnut long hair and gleaming green eyes. She is 17 years old and is a hopeless romantic. She lives in Miami, Florida and meets a guy from IM5 his name is Cole in LA and it was love at first sight!! But there's some drama for these love birds.

Authors note: Hope you like Love at first sight. This book will be apart of the loving a big city guy series...

Chapter 1

Rebecca misses a phone call from her dad saying "hey honey I was wondering its almost summer and I was wondering when u will come visit me?" She instantly call him back and says that she'll be home in 2 days. She had just booked her flight when he had called. She leaves at 4:30 am just to see her old papa so she can spend as much time with him until god shows the light to him. Rebecca gets on the plane it's 5 hours and 37 minutes to LA... She gets on the plane and sits by a lovely old lady her name was Athena. She was really nice to Rebecca. Athena reminded Rebecca of her mother a shy nice warming person.. They

talked for almost 3 hours then the old lady fell asleep. So did Rebecca...

Chapter 2

2 1/2 hours later.....

(Captain) "we are about five minutes out folks from LAX..."

Rebecca woke up in a startle the plane had just landed... She stared at the big airport. Then she saw her father waving at her. She got off then plane and hugged her father. He said "WoW honey you look so grown up!" I smiled and said "Dad I just saw u last year!" He laughed and said that he knew that.. Rebecca said "Dad guess who I brought!!" "WHO?" He says urgently then I say very loudly "ARIEL!!! My baby kitten!!"

Then Rebecca shows Ariel to her father and her father says that the kitten is so cute and he can't wait to see it grow up this summer. "Ok let's go home now Bee" "dad you know I don't like that name" Rebecca says annoyingly then her dad says while laughing "well your my daughter I can call u what ever I want!" Then I smiled and shook my head from side to side...

1/2 an hour later their home.. "Ok dad I'm going to go to my room and put Ariel in her bed" Rebecca's dad sits down in his favorite chair and shakes his head. Rebecca knowing what that meant she went and put Ariel in her bed and watched a Glee marathon for like 9 hours... Then she fell asleep around midnight.. Rebecca woke up to a wonderful breakfast from her father. Then she went grocery shopping for her father and got her nails done.. But just a pedicure for now... Then she went home and it was almost 6:30 so her and her dad had a nice dinner then Rebecca went to sleep because she was so tired..

Chapter 3

Rebecca woke up and wanted to go to the beach so she went down stairs And said to her dad "I'm going to the beach for a while!! Love you" he smiles and says "ok honey love you too have fun don't get into any trouble!"

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