Ch. 25

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"Avery!" I call. We have the house to ourselves again while my family is getting Christmas gifts. Christmas is in two days and I still don't know what to get him. I've gotten Abby a Barbie doll house, I got mom three candles and a pedicure set, and I got Jacob a poster and two CD's by smashing pumpkins.

He walks into my room, knocking softly before walking in. "Yeah?"

"Um, I'll just go ahead and ask because I have no idea. What do you want for christmas?" I cross my fingers behind my back, hoping he'll tell me something or be serious.

He rolls his eyes and grabs my hands. "I don't want anything. Actually, I want you to be with me on Christmas eve, that's all."

"But, I want to get you something," I pout, swinging my arms back and forth.

"I don't need anything," he smiles. "Just you."

I take my hands out of his and put them behind my back. "Then you can't get me anything." I turn around.

"What?" he exclaims. "No way, that's not fair."

"That's totally fair," I cross my arms for emphasis. His arms snake around my middle and he pushes me into him. I mold, into him, not meaning to lean onto him.

"Mhmm," he mumbles. "Go on."

"You can't give me something when I can't," I come up with this as I go. "And uh, yeah. So you have to tell me what you want," I repeat. His lips are on my neck and my mind goes blank. "Uh."

A small laugh comes out of his throat that I can feel against my back, Then his lips are back on my neck. He holds me against him tightly, his hands placed on my hips. He moves them up to grab my chest. I can feel my face getting red.

"Avery," I push his hands off of me. He turns me around and I hide my face in my hands so he doesn't see my cheeks burning.

"What's wrong?" he's smiling.

"Nothing," my voice is muffled against my hands.

"Elise, stop" he takes my hands from my face. "Do you want me to stop?"

I hesitate, then nod. "But just right now," I say.

Daisy's pov

I hear footsteps get closer to my door before they open it to see if I'm awake. I'm laying on my side, my body facing the wall. I haven't been able to sleep for a week solid. I don't know what's happening. I used to be able to sleep whenever I wanted. . .but everything's gotten worse ever since I did that spell on dear 'ole Elise.

"Ma'am? Your tea is ready," one of the servants says. I've been so lucky to have extra people around to help me while I'm, under the weather. She places it on the dresser next to my bed and leaves.

That girl. She must still have little bits of the curse in her even though Avery broke it. Oh what a wonderful story, of how he saved her from a couple of drunken men. I roll my eyes.

I should've known. You can't break a family spell, let alone put a curse on her while she still has it in her.

I take the tea and sip it, already feeling drowsy. This tea makes me blackout for a few hours, making it seem like I was asleep and tricking my body so I have more energy.

I need a plan. A plan to get rid of that silly mortal. And I know just the Immortal to help me.

Avery's pov

I keep thinking about what Andrea said, about Dezerea. I've known her for forever. Sure she can be hostile and stubborn sometimes but she hides the good person way back. She uses it when people need it most.

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