Erin walked down the sidewalk, the wind whipped through her hair and the light rain pricked her face. She pulled her jacket tightly around her shoulders and hid her hands in her sleeves, she was almost there, it wouldn't take much longer now. Erin turned the corner onto the small side street hidden from the main road and walked up the hill to the edge of the forest. She walked along the edge until she reached the opening to the dirt path and walked down it until she saw the lake in view. She turned a right at the big rock and down towards the familiar tree arch. She didn't see Jess at first but then noticed her sitting on the ground on top of her jacket. When Erin finally got to where her friend was she stood over her with a look of confusion.

            "Why did you want me to come here on a day like this?" She gestured to the unpleasant weather around them.

            "I don't know... I've always liked the lake." Jess stood up and draped her jacket over her arm.

            "What did you want to talk about?" Erin asked.

            "This whole other dimension... Lumia? Do you really think it's real?" Jess had pretended not to believe in front of AJ because she thought it would make her look childish. But she truly wanted to see it be real, she needed a change of scenery from this old town.

            "Everything I've experienced is pointing to yes... but I just need to find out how to get there..." Erin twiddled her thumbs.

            "You said something about portals the other day... maybe we should try and make one..." Jess suggested, the excitement of discovering a new world building up inside her.

            "We can't, not unless the spell book starts to reveal itself to me like the history book... Instead of it just being in another language all of the pages are charmed blank." Both girls sighed in frustration. Things in the magical world required a lot more patience than the things in our mortal world. Erin silently hoped that the spells would reveal themselves after she had gone through the whole book on the history of Lumia. Even then, which spell could she use? Erin could barely memorize the right formulas for chemistry class now that her mind was clouded with thoughts of a magical world looming on the horizon, now she would have to find and memorize a spell to get to this world? It was easier said than done, she didn't even know if she had her powers yet, and then she has to learn how to use them! This whole process itself could take months!

            "Do you know when the next chapter of the history book is going to show again?" Jess asked, assuming that a pattern would have started to form. But Erin shook her head no and explained that it happened randomly and she had no idea when she would finish the book. She was nearly halfway through so it's not like they take forever to change, it all just depends upon when she finishes the preceding chapter. The change could happen anytime around three days to three weeks after she finishes it. So far it has only been within a few days range, but magic can have a mind of its own sometimes.

            They exchanged a few more words before beginning to walk back towards Jess' house just up the street from the hidden road. The rain started to come down harder and they started running down the sidewalk screaming like little girls. When they got inside a crack of thunder made them both jump before they started laughing. They took off their shoes to dry on the mat in the mudroom before climbing up the stairs to Jess' room. Erin sat down on the fuzzy chair in the corner and pulled the fat seal plush into her lap. Jess sat cross legged on her bed and pulled a sock monkey hat on over her wet brunette mermaid waves. The red velvet color her hair had once been had washed out fully a few weeks ago, she missed it but knew her mother would never let her dye it again. Erin took a hair elastic off her wrist and tied her long dark strawberry blonde hair into a low ponytail to keep it out of her face.

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