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You Fill My Heart

You can make my heartbeat

in a thousand different ways

And I swear sometimes I can’t breathe

when you look my way

I don’t know what it is about you

But there’s something to you

that I need, so deeply

and I always want you with me

You can make my heart smile

through any kind of day

And I swear I never feel an ounce of sadness

you just wash it all way

I don’t know what is that you’ve got

but you’re holding it over me

and I’ve never felt this free

I’ve never felt so alive or happy

You fill my heart with love

and I’ve got so much love

to give to only you

our whole lives through

I Was Meant for You

The sun, it did shine

the day you came into my life

and everything that was wrong

became all right

everything that was upside down

turned around

And I smiled because finally

my heart had found its home

and I didn’t need anyone to tell me

that you are where I belong

I knew, I just knew

that it was you

And the morning sun it would rise

and dance through the happiness

that shone in my eyes

And all my dreams they did come true

every second that was spent with you

And every wish I had ever made

came to life that one fateful day

And I smiled because finally

my life and everything made perfect sense

and I didn’t need someone to tell me

that this was love or what it meant

I knew, I just knew

I was meant for you

Your Smile

When the day has been long

and the troubles last into the night

All you’ve gotta do is smile

and everything is suddenly alright

When I feel the weight of the world

upon my shoulders

and let things get under my skin

All you’ve gotta do is smile

and I’m ready try once again

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