"You might not know this, but you have a great voice." Harry said.

I am still confused... wait, "Shut Up!! No this can't be happening!"

"What can't be happening?" Harry asked

"Well I have a theory, but I am not sure it is right. I either won the calling thing or you guys prank called me."

Liam spoke, "that calling thing wasn't a prank, it was for proof that you were the one singing in your house."

Niall spoke, "And you have a fantastic voice if I do say so myself." Wait what?!?!? Conceal, don't feel.

"I am still confused, how did you get my number?" I asked.

"You gave it to us remember," Louis said.

"The brownies were great!" Niall shouted.

"Wait does this mean that you are my new neighbors." I jumped off of the couch.

"Yes love it does." Louis said.


"Oh gosh guys that will probably be Emma, my housemate, and best friend/sister. She is coming home from work right now. You have to hide. Go up to my room, third floor teal one." I pointed to the stairs and they hurried up them, just as soon as I opened the door to see Emma being snogged by Daniel, I screamed, "PDA," and ran upstairs laughing.

"Well maybe if you opened the door sooner. Thanks for the ride Danny" She pecked him on the lips and shut the door. I ran back down the stairs and grabbed her arm and practically pulled her up the stairs. "Whoa girly what's the rush?"

"I want you to meet the new neighbors."

"You captured them? Are they fit?"

"No they came over first, and Oh My God! They are so fit! Just promise me you won’t freak out when you see them, and remember that you have Daniel." I opened the door to see 4 of the boys posing exactly like their life size and Niall rolling on the floor laughing again. I just shook my head and walked over to my couch and counted down my finger from




"OH MY GOD YOU ARE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!" Emma ran over to all five of the frozen boys and just stood there.

"Was I this bad?" I laughed seeing her.

"You were worse." Zayn spoke, and then he pretended to be me. He opened an imaginary door, then made a face, then shut it and opened it again. His face was priceless, this time it was me laughing on the ground.

"I am so embarrassed, that probably wasn't the best first impression, and certainly not a cute one." I balled up and covered my face with my hands.

"It's okay Aves, I think your friend was worse." Niall then did a Emma impression "OH MI GOD YOU ARE ONE DIRECTION" He said in a high squeaky voice running around waving his arms. Everyone was on the ground laughing again. We really need to stop doing this. 

"I am guessing that she is Emma." Harry said with amusement, and I nodded. "I am bored what should we do?" He asked.

"We could order pizza and pop in a movie or two?" Emma suggested as she got off the ground.

"That sounds like fun! What should we watch? Boys?" I looked to them for an answer, but crossing my fingers that it wasn't a scary movie.

"How 'bout a The Possession, and The Black Widow." Zayn said after the boys had a group huddle.

"I think I can manage that." I said rubbing my knuckles.

"She is not a big fan of horror films because she is scared." Emma explained to the confused boys.

"Awwwww is little Avery scared?" I nodded my head, "Well then I think that we have to fix that. Liam and Zayn get the duct tape, Niall, and Harry help me get her, and Emma you can get the movies and food set up where ever." Louis spoke giving orders. Liam and Zayn ran out with Emma. 

I immediately started to head to the door, but Harry was  there before me. I turned left to see Niall and right to see Louis. Shoot I am cornered, wait no I am not. I tried to run back to the couch but Niall grabbed me like a sack of potatoes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. sorry fangirl moment. Oh no I have a feeling this isn't going to be good. I was being carried by Niall's biceps. "Sorry." His hot breath trailed down my arm as he whispered. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

"Sorry about what i am going to do." I whispered back to him. I started to kick and hit my arms on his back "Niall Horan let me downright now!! I will call your mum and tell her what a bad boy you are being!"

"Don't do it Niall"   Harry

"Don't let her get in your head." Louis 

"All girls have that power!"  Harry

"I won't. I remember the rule." Niall

"Oh come on that rule is so stupid. Let me down now." I said looking at Harry and Louis shrug.

"I found the duck tape!" Someone shouted, and I think it was Zayn.

We finally reached the basement, which had a huge flat screen and couch and blankets and comforters, and a stack of movies, like in The Fault in Our Stars.  I was put down on the couch and duck tapped to it. And i am dead serious. I could only move my arms, and head. Once they were done tapping me, and admiring their work, they sat down. Louis was on my right and Niall was on my left. Emma came down with loads of food. I am hungry, but I can't eat. I won't eat.  Liam put in the first movie and pressed play.     

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