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Steves POV

My own room , it feels amazing , like freedom has been put in my choices. I put in a desk , some pictures of famouse minecraft heros , like Jim Ice , the man who discovered the end. I heard Herobrine above me probly making a pig pen or some stuff like that. I've been in the attic only once when i was little .

A arrow zooms past my head..............i hear a loud shriek and then

Herobrines POV

The Place was dark and dusty, Cobwebs and a bone where the only thing I could see. First I dug out the roof and replaced it with a mixture of glowstone, Coloured glass's and glowstone. Next I put down my bed and laid some red carpets. Then I made a pig pen above my brothers room . "That should keep him up" I thought happliy as I placed Birny in his new pen! I then hung some panitings on the wall of my friends and family. "Hmmm Where do i put my couch (Stairs You Noobz) and my ender chest  ooo and my plant pot with my cactus and my balcony i have to have the balcony". I manged to fit it in and it was like a dream. I walked onto my New balcony and looked at the villige below our mountian ( O did i metion there house might be plaed on a huge hill looking over a grand villige O_O ) . I looked down and saw the big river where me and my friends go " Hmmm this could be useful and fun " i pondered . Then I heard someone coming up the stairs

"Herobrine will You stop this racke .... Wow " It was dad." Its Great is'nt it" I repiled happy to see him impressed for once. " Where did you get these matrials from" he qusetioned angrly . " Dad calm down , i colllected all these matrials over the years plus steve does lots of wasteful crafting to ". He smiled once more nodded and left followed by a fusrated Steve " Yu Like bro " i asked him but no reply he seemed annoyed and confused , then i had a funny idea

"STEVE" I shouted to get his attenion, " Yeah yeah nice bedroom " he responded hastly starring at me , wait was i missing somthing here whatever Plan A was in action. " Come and look at this stunning view. He said nothing but walked up to me anyway. As he took a peek at my balcony veiw he froze and smiled a tiny smile " It its beautiful man" he stutered and then a grabbed his hand and jumped over then fence dragging him with me !


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Ok so Good Bye Mother Truckers

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