Chapter 6

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Sam and Dean had made it through the feast with only a few lingering or suspicious glances. And most of them were from teenage girls.

After all the kids had cleared out, and they got an okay from Professor McGonagall, they headed out of the Great Hall. However they weren't going to bed, like she suggested. They had work to do.

They had now covered what seemed like half the damn castle (without seeing a painting of a rhino), and had accomplished exactly nothing.

"Cas," Dean spoke. "What exactly are we looking for anyways?" he turned around only to find that he and Sam were by themselves.

"I think he left," Sam pointed out the obvious.

"Great," Dean mumbled. "Where could the little bastard have wondered off to?" He knew he couldn't have gone far. He would have recognized the sound of his wings taking off. It was the most hopeful, and most dreaded noise he'd ever heard. But definitely one he recognized.

"He's probably still in the castle," Sam sounded worried. "Don't worry."

"I let you do the worrying, you big pussy."

They set off down the hall again, looking for any signs of something weird. Or weirder than anything you'd normally find in a castle where they teach teenagers about magic. So far, no luck. They tried to open a door, and we're greeted by a bird demanding they answer some bullshit riddle before they go inside.

Dean was starting to get worried about Castiel. He wondered off all the time, but now they were separated in a strange place that may or may not magical. But probably evil. They had dealt with a lot of weird shit (they destroyed Gods!) but this was definitely at the top of their weird list.

Sam had tried to use his flashlight earlier, to no avail. They had been wandering the dimly lit corridors for hours before anything happened.

Sam was rounding a corner, when suddenly he was pushed out of the way by something sprinting, and blonde.

But Dean was fast and reached to grab her arm as she attempted to get by him. "Who are you?" he demanded as he pushed her up against the wall and drew his knife.

"Dean.." he heard Sammy start to protest.

Dean noticed that she was definitely too old to be a student. She glanced wearily at the knife on her throat.

"Rose Tyler," she sounded hesitant, but not exactly scared.

"Dean, leave her alone," Sam pulled him back. He kept glaring at her though.

"Hi Rose," Sam reached out to shake her hand.

"And you are?" she said excepting his handshake.

"I'm Sam, and this is Dean," he pointed to his brother. "We're uh... investigating the murder."

Rose looked very confused by this comment. "Murder?"

The two brothers glanced at each other, trying to silently decide the best way to go about telling her.

Sam spoke eventually, "One of the professors was stabbed to death here recently."

Her eyes widened as though everything suddenly made a little more sense to her. But they narrowed again just as quickly when she looked back at them. "And what do you two have to do with it?"

"We work for the ministry," Dean responded gruffly.

She didn't miss a beat. "No you don't."

The matter of fact tone of her voice stunned both men into silence. They had stolen so many identities, lied to so many cops, and faked so many badges. Yet this small blonde girl had seen past their charade within minutes.

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