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Sorry for not updating but i was having second thoughts about this story so please enjoy this one

Shadows p.o.v

"Het, its better without him anyways" scourge said and rolled his eyes

I couldn't resist the urge to punch him so i did. i hit him so hard he fell to his knees and coughed out blood " what HELL was that for" he said holding his arm around his stomach.

"that was for saying i was better out without sonic" i said with a harsh voice. next thing i know he pined me to the same tree i had him and growled at me "you shouldn't of had done that my little shadz". i felt like throwing up when he called me that.

"I hate you" i said threw my teeth. he then grinned at me " aww shadow you should really watch what you saying, or ill have no other option than to tell sonic who you really are. and you don't want him to find out this way do you" he was blackmailing me that little. he knows why i cant tell sonic who i really am if he found out then he'll leave me but if i do as scourge says he'll leave me any ways UGH but he cant fined out this way not now not yet.

I only have one option left i have to tell him to give me time i need or think this through "can i think about it" it took all me strength to make it sound nice and sweet. i want to rip his face off and brake every single bone in his body.

"Hmmm" he said and acted like he was thinking "fine i"ll let you think about it but you have only 2 days to think about it, ok baby" he said.

he then kisses me lightly on the lips holding my head to make me kiss him back he backed up like an inch "kiss me or i wont let you have time to think" he kissed me in the lips rougher and pulled my tail making me yelp and open my mouth with that he pushed his tung in my mouth and started exploring every inch of my mouth i had to kiss him back when i did he let out a little moan and i felt like throwing up the same second i kissed him back.

With that he let me go and said " thats more like it shadzy" he winked at me an then left and disaperd into the woods.

' I swear one day he's going to regret ever stupid little thing he did to me and MY sonic. oh, how i miss him so vary much i wonder what my soniku is doing right now without me' i thought and got watery eyes of all the anger and sadness i had inside.

I have to find sonic and explain to him

And with that i left the woods on my way to find sonic

Sonics p.o.v.

"DING DONG" i hers the door bell ring so i went to open the door when i regret opening the door. when i saw who it was my heart stopped and before my eyes i say "scourge" i said with a high pitched but terrified voice

"Hello my little blue friend" said in a grin and with that everything went black.

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