You were locked in an all white room in WICKED's captivity, waiting for this whole Flare problem to just go away.

You had been in the same white prison for around two weeks, since Thomas went into the maze. You were supposed to go in as a variable but you rebelled, so Teresa went alone.

You refused to be used as a variable to mess with your own boyfriend's mind.

You and Thomas had been together for a long time, since you guys were brought to WICKED because you were both immune when you were pretty young.

Thomas was always into the mission that WICKED was trying to accomplish, but you were hesitant.

Sending kids into dangerous places and knowing that many would die just for the benefit of a cure was sad. They wouldn't even know that they were a part of something that might save humanity. Even though what they're being put through is anything but human.

Suddenly the door of the white room opened.

You look up and see Thomas, your memory-less boyfriend, being thrown into the room with you.

"Why are you putting him in here?!" You demand.

The man jut smiles and walks away muttering, "Variables. It's all about the killzone."

Thomas looks around and stops his gaze on you.

"Who are you? I recognize you."

"From what?" You ask shocked.

He shouldn't remember anything. Unless he got stung, in which case you're glad that he's standing here, as it means he's okay.

"A dream, a memory that came back to me." He states.

"You remembered things? How? That was never in the plans..." You mutter.

"You're not one of the crazy people that are all for this stupid experiment are you?" He asks in a defensive tone.

"No, no, of course not. Why do you think I'm locked in here."

"I don't know, another shuckin' test." He suggests.

"Well, I'm not. I've only been so obedient over the years because of you."

"Me, what bout me?"

"You were one of the most determined people around here. You created that damn maze."

"Well, I've changed my mind, I've seen things in a new perspective and I'm the most determined to end this now."

"Good." You smile.

He smiles back.

You gesture for him to take a seat next to you and he does.

"So, do you know me well?" He asks.

"Uh, you can say that. Yeah, I know you extremely well."

"Were we, like, bestfriends or something?"

"Well, yeah. We were very close, like really close." You answer generalizing.

"Okay, well... I have a question." He says.

"What?" You say.

"How close were Teresa and I?"

You freeze, confused by his question.

"You guys were bestfriends." You state honestly.

"That's all?" He mumbles.

"Why, did you guys kiss or something?" You ask jokingly.

"Yes, and I'm just really... It's weird, it just felt so wrong."

"I'm glad it felt wrong." You grumble hatefully.

"What, why?" He sputters.

"Thomas, I was your girlfriend." You exclaim, tucking your face into your arms with your knees pressed to your stomach.

"That explains a lot..." He laughs nervously.

"Sure it does." You taunt harshly.

"It explains why I felt like kissing you when I first saw you, when I walked in, and why it feels so weird with Brenda and Teresa, and why in my memories I was always with you..." He smiles.

"You actually felt like that?" You ask not believing it.

"Yeah." Is all he says before gently grabbing your face and pulling you up towards his face, letting your lips collide with his for the first time since he went into the stupid box to get to the maze.

"Feel like you've done that before?" You ask shyly, but still teasing.

"Actually it does, it feels perfect." He smiles again.

"Good." You giggle.

"So, we're going to get out of this room and stop WICKED, together." He announces.

"I'm in." You agree, nodding.

You smile as Thomas pulls you tight to his side, wrapping his arms around you.

You gently place your head on his shoulder and fall to sleep with sweet plans of revenge and sweet dreams of the boy you finally got back.



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