(Chapter 11) Miss Mystic Falls

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Klaus's POV

Rebekah and Elena were running late to the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. So, Rebekah called me and said that she'd just drive Elena and herself to the dance and change their clothes on the way.

She made Matt and I drive our own cars and meet them there.

When I arrived, I entered the mansion greeted by Mrs. Lockwood.

"You look handsome Klaus." She tells me staring at my tux.

I answered her with a, "Thank you."

When I entered I sat at the guests tables and was given champagne. There was a stage in the garden with lace curtains at the back. Then Mrs. Lockwood came on the stage and announced, "Can all dance partners please meet their partner inside the mansion near the stairs."

I was the 7th person in the line near the staircase waiting for the girls to come down.

After a couple of girls, Rebekah came down the stairs in a red dress. She looked pretty. Matt took her hand and they walked to the garden waiting until we start dancing.

After 3 more girls I was next. I came closer to the end of the staircase then Elena came down.

She looked beautiful. Her brown hair was in soft curls placed on top of her right shoulder.

She wore a blue dress with silver glitter on the top half. The back had many laces like a corset and a bow on the bottom.

She was stunning. She was also different from Tatia. They may have looked alike but when she smiled on her way down the stairs it was different. There was a sparkle in her that Tatia or Katherine didn't have.

When she got down I took her hand and led her to the garden.

She smiled at me as we started dancing. I did the same.

We did as we practiced but the dance lasted longer.

I dipped her and she was only a couple centimeters away from my face. Her bright brown eyes on mine.

Then the dance ended.

They made us sit in a special area only for contestants. Then we had dinner.

Elena's POV

"You look beautiful by the way." Klaus tells me.

I felt myself blush. "Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself." I replied with a sincere smile.

We kept on talking until Mayor Lockwood came on stage to announce the winner.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the votes have been drawn in. This year's Miss Mystic Falls is...

Rebekah Mikaelson."

We all clapped. I gave Rebekah a big smile as she entered the stage. I was happy for her. I didn't mind not winning. I actually had fun today.


Klaus drove me home after I changed into a simple dress and white cardigan.

When we got home the power was out. Klaus kept switching the lights on and off but it wasn't working.

He stopped and continued walking up the staircase and so did I.

Klaus's POV

On our way up the lights suddenly flickered back on but went off again then the door came bursting open.

Three witches came in performing a spell. I bent down on my knees screaming in pain. I looked at the witches I didn't recognize any of them, except one.

It was Lucy.

She was the witch I threatened. I made her locate Elena for me but I killed her daughter.

I guess this is her revenge.

It was too dark for the witches to see much I could only see Elena.

She bent down, "Klaus what's happening, are you okay?!"

"Run." I whisper, the pain was becoming too much.


"I'll be okay I'm immortal. Now run before they notice you."


Author's Note

I'm finishing up the next chapter, I'll be updating again soon.

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