Chapter 4

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Jayden (violet) point of view.


Michael and I are becoming really good friends. I'm glad about that.

I got a letter in the mail yesterday.

'Dear JayJay and Mom,

I hope you guys can make my graduation thats on monday.

----- love, Chris.'

Thats really all i got out of it before mom snatched the paper out my hands and read it for herself.

"Mom i want to go." i told her

"Okay. but i don't think i will." She said

"Okay. well i need a plane ticket before monday."

"Alright you book one and i'll pay for it." she said.

"Thank you mom."

"Your welcome sweetie. now why dont you hit the treadmill for 30 minutes?" She said in a sweet tone.

"Yeah sure." i said and went to go change into my workout attire.

I hurried up and finished my 30 minutes and ran back up stairs to my room to change, because tonight Michael has invited me to come over to hangout at his house with a couple of his friends.

I changed into a misfits tee shirt and a pair of black ripped up skinny jeans. i styled my hair and popped in black snake bite rings, an slipped on my a pair of white converses covered in writing done by many people. then slipped my phone into my pocket along with $20 & my id in the case.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where my mom was.

"Where are you heading off too?" she asked

"Over to a friend's house."

"Okay do i know this friend?"

"You'll meet him tomorrow" i told her

"Okay. but be safe. and when are you going to be home."

"Not sure maybe sometime tomorrow when i bring him over so you can meet him."

"Okay. love you sweetie. Make sure to count your calories!"

"Whatever you say mom." i said with a smile as i grabbed my keys and walked out the door.

I drove over to Michael's house. and parked in the driveway.

I walked up the driveway to the door and knocked on the door.

"Hey Jayden!" Michael said.


"Well come on in."

I walked in to see a few other people in the living room.

"Okay everybody this is Jayden or Violet which ever you prefer to call her. Jayden this is Kylie, Devin but we all call him Ghost, Ash, and Oli." Michael said.

"Hi" i said kind of shyly

They all greeted me in some way.

I sat next to Oli, he was quite attractive and his accent was just ahhh.

We talked for a while when Michael asked if we all wanted to watch a movie.

Of course we all said yes.

He put in a really gory scary movie.

I clung to Oli through out the whole movie.

"Im sorry." i kept repeating to him.

"Its fine." he would say with a smile.

I ended up falling asleep on Oli's lap by the end of the second movie.

I woke up and he was gone, but i was still on the couch with a blanket over my body. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone '8:36am' the front scree said. I unlocked my phone to see my background had been replaced with a picture of Oli.

Oh. my. gosh.

I had 1 message.

'Hey Jayden! It's Oli. We should hangout sometime!'

I saved his number into my phone.

I looked at all my other social media accounts, he added himself on everything. haha.

I now own 76 selfies of Oli.


'We should, I'm going to be in Pennsylvania for about a week and 1/2 starting monday. So ill text you when i get back and we'll make plans(:' -me

I stayed on my phone until Michael came down the hallway and greeted me.

"Hey when ever you decide to get ready my mom wants to meet you." i informed him.

"Okay well give me like 15 minutes." he said and walked back into his room

He came out looking as usual.

I slipped on my shoes and fixed my hair quick before leaving out the door with Michael following me.

I started my car and he got in the passengers' seat and we drove over to my place.

"Mom! I'm home."

"Hi sweetie and you must be the friend that Jayden was with last night."

"Hi, Mrs. Cerulli. Im Michael."

"Very nice to meet you Michael."

"Okay well you met him now were just going to go up to my room and pack my things for Pennsylvania." i said and pushed Michael up the stairs.

"Okay! remember to book your flight today!" My mom yelled out to me.

We got to my room and i pulled out my laptop and suitcase.

"Hey so you are going to Pennsylvania!" Michael said.


"Cool me too!" he said

"When?" i asked

"Like i booked my flight for tomorrow morning."

Sunday morning.

"Okay well you should tell me what airline and time so we can maybe get the same flight together." i said and handed him my laptop.

"Okay." he said and started typing.

"What kind of clothes should i pack?" i asked him looking at Pennsylvania's weather on my phone.

"I don't know. an assortment i guess."


"And your ticket is booked! we are now on our way to Pennsylvania as of 9am sunday morning!"

"Wow that fast. Hey do you want to stay here tonight and just get a ride from my mom over to airport with me tomorrow?" i asked him

"Sure. i'd have to go get my suitcase from my house first and say bye to my mom. but yeah."

"Okay well lets go do that and i can finish packing when we get back."


We headed down the stairs.

"Mom is it okay that Michael spends the night, because he is also going to Pennsylvania tomorrow to visit his friend Michael and he booked the same flight as me and its only logical that we all carpool together so can he?"

"I don't see why not just make sure its okay with your mother Michael."

"Yes, ma'am." Michael said as we walked out the front door and over to my car.

We drove to Michael's house and grabbed his suitcase and he said his goodbyes to his mother.

His mom is really nice and kind.

We headed back to my house and packed my stuff. yay!

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