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A few weeks on and we were nearing the end of tour, it was quite gutting really because I've had so much fun but it's time to go home and get ready for the one next year. Christmas is in a few weeks and Ash was taking me to go meet his grandparents. I was nervous as shit that they wouldn't like me but Ash keeps reassuring me that it will be okay and that they'll love me. To be fair, we have been together for a while now.

I began to work it out and gasped,

'Babe, what date is it?' I asked Ash, who I had my legs over his lap on the sofa in the bus. They had a day off so we were all just longing around.

'Erm...' he started, looking at the date on his phone, 20th November, why?' he asked,

'We've been together a year!' I said,

'What? Really' he asked, I grinned.

'Yup,' I smiled, kissing him softly,

'Aww, the stuff we've been through this last year,' he smiled.

We started talking about reminiscing on the past year. Our first Christmas when Ash decided to dress Beauty and put a Santa hat on her bridle, Ashley's 31st when he decided to get drunk and pass out in the middle of the floor and everyone having to get him up to bed, the random and funny moments we've had and the bath's we've shared. The times with Montana and how I could kick his ass if I needed to, how we were chocolate buddies and some sex moments, especially the fox tail times.

'Wow! As if it's really been a year,' Ash smiled,

'I know and I love you more and more every day,' I grinned, kissing his cheek.

'I love you more every day too, even when I don't think it's possible,' Ash smiled, kissing me softly again.

'So, what do you fancy doing?' I asked, biting his lip as we pulled away, he moaned and then opened his eyes and looked at me.

'How about we do what we did on our first date?' Ash asked, I raised an eyebrow,

'What? Run out of a restaurant then have sex in your car?' I asked,

'Nooo, not that part, the going for a drive and singing random songs,' Ash said, I grinned.

'That sounds perfect... but, wait, we don't have your car,' I said, chewing my lip.

'Babe, there's always a way around that,' he chuckled, pointing in the direction of a rent-a-car.

'Oh my god, you're perfect!' I giggled, kissing him softly.

After Ash filled out the forms, showed the guy at the counter his driver's license and picked the car he wanted, we were finally ready to go.

Ash opened the door for me and I grinned, climbing into the car. He then climbed in the other side and started it up. I linked my phone to the Bluetooth in the car and started playing his songs as he set off and started driving.

'Any idea where you're going?' I asked,

'Not a clue, but John knows places so if we get lost we'll just ring him and he'll guide us back,' Ash laughed.

We got onto the highway and Dolly Parton started playing,

'Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

I'm begging of you please don't take my man

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him just because you can' Ash sang, I giggled and looked at him.

'Something you're trying to tell me, babe?' I asked,

'Noooo, nothing,' he winked and carried on singing.

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