MAGCON (chapter 5)

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We made it to the house. " Did you know we have a pool?" He said while we both sat on the couch, cuddling. "No" I said while hugging him. "You wanna go in?" He asked while he stood up. "Sure" I said while standing up too. "Take it off" he said while pointing at me. "Take it off?" I said in a weird voice. " The makeup, you don't meed it, your beautiful without it" He said with a smile. "I don't have a bathing suit though" I said. "Do you really need one?" Matt asked, with a smile. "Yes I do, Matt!" I said while I pushed him. I checked my bag and I had one, sadly. I put it on and he put his on. "Wanna jump in together?" He asked. I held his hand and we jumped in.

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