MAGCON (chapter 4)

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We were in the school parking lot. He had his penny board, and I had mine. He smiled at me and I dropped my penny board on the ground and I started riding it around the parking lot. I was so focused on not falling that a few minutes later I found Matt next to me holding my hand while we were riding our boards. "Your good bæ" he said while looking at me. He smiled. "Were gonna be late, you know" I said. I threw down my bag and my lunch on the parking lot. He threw his to. "Who cares if were late, don't be so stressed" he said while kissing me on the cheek.

It was lunch. I was at my locker and I felt someone push on my locker. I got scared. "Don't do that Matt!" I said while punching his chest. "Hahaha" he laughed with a smile. He picked me up and he brought me outside. "Ahh!" He dropped me on the grass. "Your cute" he said while kissing me on the forehead. He laid down next to and we ate our lunch.

We were riding our penny boards home when I heard Matt fall. I came running to him. He was laughing. Me too, it was funny to be honest. "You okay baby!" I asked while laughing. He pulled me to the ground next to him. He started tickling me. "Stop it Matt!!" I said while he was tickling me. I took advantage and I started tickling him. He started laughing. He was so cute when he was laughing. "Ok baby, we gotta get home" He said while he was standing up and picking me up. We both rided our pennyboards home.

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