I sat by Jc in the car and he could tell i was scared to do the jump scene. "its okay" he said to me as we pulled up to the school. "i no just pleased stay with me when i do it" i said to him. He kissed me when i said that. 

Jc always kisses me when i say something to him, which means that its a yes. We stepped out of the car and there were some men there. I held Jc's hand tighter and i got really scared. "JC" i said to him frightened.

"no baby its okay there here to help us film" he said to me. I signed and looked into his eyes. "i..i'm sorry i just thought" he cut me off. "i no babe its okay lets go" he said and hugged me. I saw that the boys were already talking to them and i walked over to introduce myself. 

When i walked over i saw Romeo. "Hey Romeo what ae you doing here" i asked him. "oh hey, Sam is getting a tattoo while you film" he said to me. I looked at Sam. "what tattoo" i asked him.

"i was thinking a fish" he said to me. "that will look really good" i said to him. I wanted to meet the other guys so i said my goodbyes to Romeo. "hey let me no if you ever want another tattoo" he said to me.

I walked closer to him. "Actually Romeo i do, i want Love writen across my chest" i said to him. He smilled at me "yah i could totally do that, when do you think" he said to me. I didn't want Jc to no because i wanted it to be a suprise. 

"Um how about tomorrow night, its going to be a suprise for Jc" i said to him. "yah of course no problem" he said to me. 

I walked over to Rickys because i needed someone to take me. "Ricky i have a question" i said to him. Jc was standing right next to me and i said "Jc can you get my phone out of the car". Thank god i left it in there by accident. "yah babe i will be right back" he said to me.

"what is it" Ricky said to me. "ok i am going to get a tattoo and i dont want to tell Jc, so will you please go with me and we can tell Jc that were shooting a video" i asked him. He looked at me and didn't say anything "please" i beeged him. 

"yah of course i will go with you what tattoo are you getting" he asked me. "i am getting Love writen on the side of my chest" i said to him. I pointed to the spot its where my heart is. "thats so cute" he said to me. 

Jc came back over to me and gave me my phone. "so whats up with you two" he asked us. "well Jc i am going to film something for Rickys video tomorrow" i said to him, but that was a lie im getting a tattoo. "oh cool waht video" he said looking at me and Ricky.

"its public dancing" he told Jc. Jc looked at me and kissed me "i cant wait to see it". I blusjed when he said that. "alright guys lets get ready" Kian said to us.

"what scene are we doing first" i said to him. "you are at your locker and were bullying you and Jc is watching feeling bad for you" Kian said to me.

"Alright lets get started" i said to them. We all walked into the hallway and they told me stand infront of the lockers with my stuff. I stood there and they all stood infrount of me. "Serena can you fake cry" Connor asked me. "yah no problem" i said to him. 

"yah sure you can" Kian said to me. "shut up" i said to Kian and laughed. So I needed to walk from one side of the lockers to the other grab my stuff then they come up to me and bully me. 

"ready" Sam asked me. "yah" i said and looked at Jc . I smilled at him and got a few tears in my eyes . 

I started to walk towards the lockers and i grabbed my stuff. The boys came up to me and I walked back and leaned up against the lockers. They were yelling and me and pushed my stuff out of my hands. I started to cry at this time and i looked over at Jc standing infrount of me then he walked away. "CUT" one of the men yelled.

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