Len's POV


"Oh, shut up!" I slammed my alarm clock into the wall but not before checking the time. Wait...7:59?...that means I'm late!

I stumbled out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I scowled at my reflection. My hair was spread around my face and my small ponytail stood up like a pole.

I shook my head and stripped of my clothes, stepping carefully into the shower. I set it to warm and water came splashing down. Once I finished showering,I tiptoed into my room, forgetting that my window was wide open.

I groaned, carefully stepping towards the window without revealing my, um, private-part. But I wasn't doing so well.

I gave up, walked to the window, closed the curtains and ran to my closet to find something to wear. I pulled out random clothes and made sure they matched before putting them on.

I ran downstairs. Looking around, I came to the conclusion that Dad had left first. As always. I was kind of hoping he could drive me to school but I should have known he would leave first.

Sighing, I walked over to the fruit bowl on the counter and pulled out a banana. Bananas are my favorite foods and any moment I had to eat one, I would.

I grabbed my backpack from the couch and walked through the front door, immediately breathing in fresh air once I got outside.

Smiling to myself, I danced all the way to school, getting strange looks from the neighbors and completely forgetting that I was running late.

Because of that I ended up dancing into homeroom and standing outside the classroom carrying buckets.

"Why am I so stupid?" I sighed. I have always had this kind of ability of getting myself or somebody else in trouble whether I meant to or not. It doesn't help that my father is never around to sign anything that needs to be, ultimately getting me in detention for no reason at all!

Okay, so maybe there is a reason but it's not my fault I'm not old enough to sign my own work! Why do they have to sign it anyway? It doesn't make sense.

"And why am I am I a teacher? We all have questions, Mr.Kagamine" I looked to my right and saw Sensei glaring at me from about a meter away.

I sweatdropped. Am I that stupid that Sensei won't even stand next to me in fear that she would catch stupid-germs from me? Apparently so because I noticed that she kept inching back every few seconds.

"Well? Have you learned your lesson?" Sensei asked. I sighed but complied.

"Yes, I will not come to class late again, Sensei" I replied but Sensei looked as if she was about to burst. I just tilted my head to the side in confusion. Then she exploded.

"Not that!" She said intensely but I only stared at her.

She sighed. "Never mind..."

She walked back into the classroom just as the bell rang for first period. I peeked in there and quickly ducked just in time to avoid the teacher's desk that was flung my way. It crashed into the wall leaving a huge crack.

Ah yes. Just another normal day.


"So how did you make her explode again?" Asked Ryoma, my long time best friend. We were walking to first period and Ryoma wanted to know how I made Sensei burst with anger. I told him the whole story all over again and it resulted in him laughing to death on the floor, which seems like something Ryoma wouldn't do. Then again, you don't know Ryoma like I do.

When we got to class it was deserted. Literally. Come to think of it, the hallways were deserted too. How'd I miss that? Well, I never been that bright, after all.

"Hey, is it just me or is nobody here?" I asked Ryoma. He had finally calmed down and was gasping for air.

"Didn't you know?" " He gasped again before continuing. "All classes are canceled..for the rest of the day...except after-school activities"

"And you couldn't say that before we walked all the way over here?"

He shrugged. "It slipped my mind"

Sighing, I dragged Ryoma out of our school building making sure to let him hit his head on every rock I could find.

He was whimpering by the time we got to the tennis court ,again, something you'd think Ryoma wouldn't do.

"Ochibi! Len!" I spun around, unconsciously hitting Ryoma's head on a pole. Remember, I was dragging him by his feet.

"Hi Eiji. Now what do you want?" I asked him. Every time he went to me meant that he wanted something and that he wanted it bad.

"Do I have to want something when I come to- okay here's what I want" He whispered into my ear and my grin grew wider and wider until it became creepy.

"I'll get right on it!" Eiji smiled and jogged off. I can't wait to get started on what Eiji wanted me to do. It's going to be so much fun!

"Ugh.." I looked down. Seems like Ryoma woke up. I decided to go really close to his face and scare him.

Ryoma opened his eyes...and fainted.

"Aw, I wanted to play a game against him!" I complained. I let go of his leg and walked away. At least he won't be embarrassed when he wakes up.


I had been playing a game against Fuji when Ryoma walked over. He glared at me so hard that I didn't see the ball that was coming straight at me. I think you know what happened next.

Long story short: Ball in face, black eye.

Life Lesson: Be carfull with who you play with, it may just come back and hit you in the face.

This came out weirder than I meant it to be...oh well.

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