Chapter 5

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*Daryls P.O.V*

"She has a few broken ribs and her ankle is bleeding again. Other than that she will be fine. You on the other hand need to sleep." Hershels calming voice said as tears were threatening my eyes.

"I ain't goin anywhere till she wakes up." I said trying to act like im fine. Alex might not be okay. I dont care what Hershal says, all doctors can be wrong. Hearing shuffling I looked over to the bed where Alex was hoping she woke up. She must have just moved because she didn't say anything or open her eyes. Hershel left the room going to attend to Shane. Somehow he got hurt too. I left the room for a little to go talk to everyone to find out Shane's story. They all told me the same thing. Alex did it. It didn't add up to me, I've known Alex even before all of this happened and she would only hurt someone if she needed to. She was beautiful before everything and she still is. I would always see her when we would go hunting. She was my fathers best friend daughter. We never talked when my father was with hers. I would see her, our eyes would meet then she would look away. When we did spend time together in the forest she would never talk but damn she was ruthless. I doubt she even remembers me. The last time I saw her was many years ago, she had a new scar across her eye, she looked like she wanted to say something but she was scared. She looked at me then glanced at her father, he saw and said we have to go. They got in the car and that was the last time I saw her until yesterday.

I stomped into Shane's room hoping to get some answers. But of course he was "asleep". I walked back to where Alex was laying. I saw that she had moved again, but this time something was wrong. She was laying on her stomach crying holding her side, I said her name three times with no response. I never knew you could cry in your sleep, I took my shirt off and crawled under the blankets with her, trying to comfort her from her pain I moved her hand away from her side carefully so I didn't bump her ribs and weaves my arms under her tiny waste on both sides slowly sliding her up to my chest I embraced her a little tighter trying to get her cries to stop. Once her breathing evened out again she tuned facing my chest burring her head into the center of my chest. A smile started to show on my face as I closed my eyes and plated with her braid. She had a sports bra on with shorts from when Beth and Maggie removed her shirt and jeans so Hershel could fix her ribs and ankle. I could clearly see the scars on her back from her father I'm guessing. I wanted to kill that son of a bitch for what he had done to her. I started tracing the scars on her back with my thumbs. I felt her tense up when I was tracing her scars towards the center of her back. She relaxed after a while, as I started to doze off I heard a small tired voice say "I'm fine Dixon. Go to sleep."

"So ya do remember me."

"How could I forget those blue Dixon eyes. I'm surprised you remembered" Alex said giggling with her eyes closed.

"How could I forget yer beautiful battle scar." I said kissing down her scar across her eye. Alex buried her head into my chest again and I fell asleep shortly after Alex did.

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