Chapter 15- The Letter

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The next few days we celebrated the achievement of a new guild master. 

I was getting pretty tired of all the partying. I mean it has been three days. I stepped out of the house and into the backyard for some fresh air. 

Don't get me wrong I loved the fact that the guild was active again. 

I sat on the steps and watched as the sun went down over the white fence that separated our guild territory from all the others.

No house was the same. Obviously the Fantasy guild home was the biggest because they were the top. They rarely ever lost now that Sisland was the highest level. I heard that her soul count wasn't that good though.  

"Hey." I jumped at the sound in the peace of the backyard. 

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." It was Defender. He was sitting on the fence between our backyard and another guild. 

"What are you doing here? This is private property." I said. 

"I'm not in a guild so it's legal." He shrugged. "Well as long as I don't do anything." 

"Right.." I nodded. 

 There was an awkward silence. 

Then Zetah burst through the door. "Kc! We were wond-" She noticed Defender on the fence. 

She slowly took out a dagger. "What do you want?" She glared leaning against the door frame. 

"Nothing. Just enjoying the view." He shook his head. 

"Go away. It's not legal anymore to be here." 

"I see." He nodded. "But first here Kc." Defender tossed a box to me. 

"Umm.. thanks." I caught it. Then he disappeared over the fence.

"Who was that?" She asked. "I couldn't see him. The moon was too bright."

The moon was pretty big.

"Defender." I said.

"Do you see him a lot?"

"No. Not that I know of anyway." I said looking at the box Defender had thrown to me.

Looking closely it was wrapped in a fabric that felt like a mixture of brown bear and the red of chicklar skins It was tied together by strings. 

"What's in that?" Zetah asked.

"I dunno, he didn't say anything about it. He just tossed it to me." I felt the softness of the fabric as I started to pull it apart. Inside there was a mirror and a letter. On the outside it read: Read when alone, please.

"You're really gonna read it when your alone?" Zetah raised an eyebrow.

"Well..yea. He didn't say anything about telling you and if it's that big of a secret I'll only tell you and a few others at most Hero." I thought.

"What about the mirror?" She took it from me and was examining it.

She looked at the reflection of herself. 

Suddenly, a light flickered across the mirror and a thin line shined in her face.  

"These stats..." She stared wide-eyed. 

"What?!" It's just a mirror. Since when could this happen? "Let me see!" 

 It flickered off as soon as she looked away from it. Then she handed it to me. The light was bright but it wasn't enough to burn my eyes. 

I saw my own stats instead of Zetah's. 

"This looks like it's holding more than what we see." She stared at the box poking it.

Zetah was busy going through the box then she stopped. She shifted a cardboard slate to the side. 

"There's something else in here..." She pulled out another small box and opened it. 

Inside there were vials filled with a purple liquid.

"What is that?" I asked. 

"I have no idea. Read the letter. It probably has something to do with all this." 

"I have to read it alone though." 

"Fine. I'll go stand over by the tree. Tell me when you get done." She stood and walked over to the tree covering her eyes. 


I know that this is sudden, but everything in this box you will need later in the future. Train. Don't get side-tracked.The purple liquid, which is called crystal essesence, will make you stronger for a brief amount of time. They work a lot better than the blessings that are sold in Starglade. Please only use them in emergencies. The mirror is just something I threw in there so you can look at your stats better. Please be careful. 


"Are you finished?" Zetah called still covering her eyes facing the tree. 

"Yes." I nodded. 

 She took the letter from me and read it.  

"We should tell Hero about this." 

I nodded taking the letter, standing up and walking back towards the party that waas going on. "You coming?" I asked Zetah, who was still sitting on the steps. 

"No. I think I may stay out here a while." She stared off into the distance. 

"Okay." I said opening the door and stepping back inside. 

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