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I entered the battle field with my armor on, it was very uncomfortable to me but I was used to it, a lot of humans were watching in big screens the battle, I walked around with my long black claws unsheathed. I was brought here some days ago from the island and I was forced to battle against others

I felt something watching me and I looked up, A big hawk with four paws and some golden armor was flying above me, it screeched and flewn towards me, I ducked just in time as it was about to grab me. I roared and I ran towards the hawk clone and I grabbed its leg not letting go, it screeched in pain and fell down as I looked at it sadly, "Sorry....." I whispered going for its throat and killing it immediatly

The hawk clone layed down dead while blood spilled around from its throat, I sighed and kept walking through the artificial forest around me...


I woke up in a type of cell, I got up and noticed I had something on top of me so I looked around my cell until I found a small puddle, I looked at myself and growled deeply. I had a golden thing in my head and body, suddenly my cage opened slowly, I walked towards the exit to find myself in a weird forest

I heard some howls near me and shivered a bit, I kept walking until I heard some growls behind me. There were at least five wolf mixes growling , the biggest one howled and all of them jumped on me pinning me down easily.

"Leave me alone!" I shouted and clawed at one of the wolves taking its eye off, "Sorry, but we cant" the alpha said and tackled me, I tried to shake them off but it was useless. Sudenly an orangeish animal roared and tackled the alpha pinning him down

"Im sorry death" she said before biting his throat killing him instantly, I could shake the wolves off and killed some of them. Just when I thought I was free she tackled me and pinned me down as well, "Who are you" she asked until she could see me well,

She got off and looked at me, her eyes narrowed "You are also a sabertooth?" she whispered but shook her head. "That doesnt matter, what is your name" she asked coldly, "fangs, or... experiment 005" I said, she stared at me some moments before growling "A new one huh?" she said and started to walk away.

I trotted after her full of questions "Hey! Wait!" I said/shouted, she stopped and turned growling "What now, If you dont go away I will have to kill you" she said coldly, "I just have some questions, please" I said, after some moments she sighed and nodded "Fast" she said

I was about to say something when a lion and wolf mix jumped pinning her down, she roared angry at the clone and tried to scratch him but he pinned her arms too "Well well well, who do we have here" he said and smiled not noticing me "Go away jake....before I kill you like I did with death" she said, her fur stained with blood.

Before jake could say something I tackled him and pinned him down sinking my claws on his chest deeply "Say one more thing bastard and I will cut your neck" I said placing a long claw right on his jugular, he growled but nodded seeing he had no other option.

Without warning the other sabertooth tackled me off him and bit down on his throat, blood spilling on the ground. "Why did you do that?!" I asked a bit angry, she turned to see me and growled "Because if not he would kill us, if you havent noticed we are on the arena...there are two options: kill or get killed" she said, then she turned to see my right leg

"And.....why is your leg so strange" she asked, I looked at her confused "Strange? What do you mean" I said and turned around, I must say I regret doing it. I roared loudly as I looked at my.... 'Leg', my eyes glowing with pure hatred. My leg was now gone completely gone and replaced by a metal thing that had long sharp iron claws; my fur and skin were also gone.

I stared at it completely broken, my soul and my spirit were now empty "I thought....they were friends" I whispered, "My own creators......have betrayed me" I said darkly

'They took my family, they killed my friends.....and now....they make me kill.......they must pay.' I thought, my claws stained with blood....but for the first time, I enjoyed the feeling........of killing.

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