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Oh hey. Yea I haven't been updating in a while sorry 3: I've been BUSY LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER. Anyways, enjoy this chapter. I dunno if it's gonna be short or not so I can't really say... But ENJOY IT ANYWAYS OR I WILL LICK YOU. K bai :3

The next morning dave made pancakes again, only karkat tried to help. "Shit! fuck these pancakes!" Karkat yelled as he burnt another pancake to a crisp. Dave only chuckled while he boasted about how perfect his pancake turned out. They had used the last of the pancake mix, so they both shared some of daves.

"You mind if I invite sollux and eridan over?" Asked karkat. Usually he wouldn't have suggested this, but eridan had surprisingly won a bet along with sollux that they could come over and have a game day with karkat. "I don't care. It's not my house" dave said calmly. Dave actually would have enjoyed it if they were by themselves, but karkats friends were pretty cool too.

ERMAGURD TEIM SKIPS >:{3 kitty with mustache....

"HAHAHAH take that, eribitch!" Exclaimed sollux, when his character killed eridans character. "I fuckin' hate this wwhale piss game!" Eridan said throwing the controller across the room, crossing his arms and leaning back against the couch. He was obviously pissed, since sollux had beaten him 4 times in a row. Karkat was on a team with eridan, and dave was teaming with sollux. They were basically an unstoppable team.

The next few rounds, karkat rage quit too many times to count, and dave only laughed at karkats turmoil. "It's okay karkitty, maybe you'll win next time" dave teased using nepetas pet name for karkat. "FUCK. YOU!!!" Karkat pounced onto dave, which looked quite interesting considering karkats small stature. Dave only laughed again pushing Karkat off and climbing on top of him pinning his hands down. "Is karkitty getting a bit frisky? You sure you didn't get into the cat nip again, karkitty?" Dave liked to make fun of karkat this way, knowing it got under his skin.

Sollux stared at the two, obviously jealous. Sollux had always felt flushed for karkat, one way or another. He would honestly be happy in just about any one of karkats quadrants. "Ii thiink ii'th about tiime me and 'eriibitch' get back two our hiive'th, bye kk." Sollux got up, dragging eridan along with him while also giving dave a deathly stare. Dave only smiled, loosening his grip enough from karkat to let him escape.

When sollux and eridan finally left, karkat questioned dave. "What the fuck was that?" "Oh you know, just letting them know your mine" dave answered back, earning a bright candy red blush from karkat. "I'm... What??" Karkat stuttered. "Let me break it down for you. You. Are. Mine."

Dave couldn't hold back his feelings for karkat anymore. He leaned in, taking off his shades to reveal his bright red eyes, and kissed karkat on his cheek. Dave pulled back smiling. Karkat roughly kissed dave back, dave only gasped at karkats sudden lust. "Dave.... I think I'm flushed for you" karkat whispered pulling away from the kiss. "Same here." Dave whispered back.

*NOSEBLEEDS* oh dear god that was beautiful. Okay I'm open to make this a lemon ONLY if at least two or three people ask for it. If you guys do ask for a lemon, I might make the next chapter a lemon!!! Btw, I fail at making lemons and it's super awkward for me but #YOLOERIBITCHETH >:3 yea okay never doing that again BAI 💜💜💜

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