Imagine 1 Daryl Dixon- You meet him

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Your POV

It's cold. Why did I have to choose the bad part of the woods filled with walkers to hunt? Maybe because I thought hunting would be better.

A twig snaps. You turn to see a tall man with brown, shaggy hair and piercing blue eyes with his crossbow raised. You immediately raise your bow with arrow pulled.

"Who the hell are you?" The man says gruffly.
"I could ask the same" You reply bluntly.
"You answer first" He fires back.
"Fine here we go a formal meeting. Hi my name is he the fuck out my way!" You say with blood boiling.

In one swift movement he drops his crossbow with one hand pulls out a knife and has you up against a tree.

"I dare ye ta talk t me like tha again" he says so calmly it scares but you don't let it show.

"Fine the name is Y/F/N" you say calmly mimicking his attitude from when he pushed you against the tree.

"Daryl Dixon. Now it wasn't so hard to play nice and tell me ye name now was it?" He says released g you from the tree.

"Tasted like poison" you reply.
"Now how 'bout you come with me to my camp huh?" the man you now know as Daryl invites you to join his group.
"Sure lets go" you say now with a better attitude towards him than before.

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