Chapter 21

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Erica's POV

I let out a bored groan, throwing my head back on the couch. "There is nothing to do!" I whined.

"You can come to the meeting with us, you know" Louis suggested with a chuckle.

"But that would be even more boring!" I complained as I sprawled myself across the living room couch.

A few weeks had now passed, and the boys had a meeting today. So just my luck, I was stuck in this house with absolutely nothing to do.

"Then I guess you shall stay here and be bored" he said pushing my feet off the opposite side of the couch. I frowned at my feet which were now on the ground, my body twisting in an uncomfortable position. But I was far too lazy to move from it.

Just as Louis took a seat Liam walked in on his phone. "Well you won't be bored for long, we're planing on going to a club tonight" Louis said. Oh, fuck yes! Just what I needed. "Right, Liam?" He asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah at seven" he said before going back to his phone. I looked at him suspiciously.

"Who you texting?" I asked him.

"Someone" he said, lightly laughing at something he read. His thumbs were typing a reply quickly.

I frowned at his response. Over the past few weeks me and Liam have gotten closer. But now I feel like we're drifting back to where we were before because he always has his eyes on his phone screen now. I don't know who he's texting, but from the way he smiled, I'm guessing it's a girl. A girl who I already hate.

Is this how parents feel with us teens on our phones constantly?

"What girl's got you like this, Li?" Louis smirked. Liam smiled lightly at Louis' question, making me roll my eyes. Why is it so hard for me to try and push back all the feelings I have for him? I don't get it! I've been trying so hard to force it away, but nothing seems to be working.

"Don't worry about it" Liam said before going back to his phone.

"Guys, c'mon! Harry and Niall are already in the car" Zayn said sticking his head in the living room.

"Wow, first time Liam wasn't the one to order us around" Louis joked as he stood up. Liam only glared at him.

"Well someone's gotta do it if Liam's always so busy with his girl-"

"So it is a girl! Who is it!?" Louis exclaimed. I too was quite interested to hear who this new girl was.

"I'll tell you guys in the car, let's go" Liam said before walking out the living room. I could feel my face fall. Why won't he tell me? I thought he actually trusted me.

Wait, why should I care so much whether he trusts me or not? It doesn't involve me.

Once the boys left, I let out a sigh. What could I do? I still haven't made any friends since I've been in London. I have never felt like such a loser since I became popular. I don't like this feeling.

These past few weeks have been pretty much uneventful, so I haven't gotten out much. The only thing that had changed was that me and Niall had drifted apart and me and Liam did grow closer. But like I said before, he's too caught up with this girl now. Harry... well he's still his same perverted self.

I rolled off the couch and landed on the floor. This was actually much more comfortable than the position I was left in, on the couch. I stood up and stretched out my back to prevent it from becoming stiff.

I picked up my phone from the coffee table and headed for the stairs. I made my way up into my bedroom. I should video chat with Noah. We haven't spoken in about a week, which is actually the longest we had ever gone without seeing each other. Wow, I think we just broke a record.

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