chapter 2

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Gucci pov

its been 6 months since i been with red that girl is the love of my life i'll would do anything for that girl but these 4 months she been acting crazy all she does is sleep and eat and throw up and she she just go off for no reason and she eats the most oddist stuff right now i'm at my moms house talking to her

''so how you and that beautful girl doing''

'' but ma can i ask you something''


''if all a girl does is yell,eat,sleep,fart,and throw up whats wrong with her''

my mama started screaming and jumping and she had a huge smile on her face

''whats wrong with you''i asked confused

''boy trinity is preganat''

''no she not''

''yes she is i knew it i knew it i knew''


i just woke up and gucci wasn't there i knew that he was going to his mothers hous so i wasn't gone trip over that i took me a nice lovely shower and dried off putting on red cheer leader shorts and a red and black hoodie my hair is wild and curly so i just topped it off with my miami heats beanie i put on my socks and timberlands i waled downstairs and ate breakfast then brushed my teeth and left ti go to my moms house


''red baby u eaten all the food in my house and u never eat like this when u start eating like this''

''about 4 months ago''

''girl have u had your period''

''now that i think of it no''

''red your pregnant''


after visiting my mom it really had me thinking so on my home i brought a pregnacy test from the store when i got home gucci was on the couch knocked out i went to the bathroom and took the test i waited 10 min like the box said when i looked at read postive i walked downstairs and tapped gucci on the shoulder

''bae i got to talk to you''

''ok baby i'm all ears''

''look at it and am pregnant"

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