Chapter 2: Meeting the Crew

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Sonic followed the three men outside of the alley. The zombies walked towards them. Jim, the one hedgehog who seemed mad at Sonic, began shooting. "Alex! Help me out! Johnny! Bring that guy back to the base!" Jim ordered. This one hedgehog, Alex, started shooting along with Jim. "C'mon! Follow me!" Johnny said. They began running through the horde of zombies in their way, simply shooting them out of their way. 

Suddenly, Johnny's gun clicked. "Dammit! he said. "Ran outta ammo. We have more at the base". He took out a butcher knife and began hacking away. Sonic still had ammo and was shooting. They suddenly heard a scream. "Alex!" someone yelled. Sonic assumed it to be Jim.

Not soon after, Jim was next to them, without Alex. they began running towards a big, well-boarded building. A fox was out there, holding a gun. He was waiting for them. They ran inside the building and the fox closed the door behind him. As Sonic walked in, he saw a whole group. 

Jim was angry, and everyone saw that he was. "Where's Alex?" the fox asked. Jim set his gun down and banged his fist hard on a coffee table. "He's dead" he answered grimly. "What happened?" a purple hedgehog asked. "He died while we tried saving this little shit!" he pointed at Sonic. 

"Jim, don't get all worked up" Johnny said, defending Sonic. Jim grabbed Johnny by the collar. "Why shouldn't I? We risked Alex's life for this little blue piece of crap! Do you know who he was? He was my goddamn brother!" Jim let go of Johnny. Johnny stumbled backwards.

"Look, I know Alex was your brother, bu it's not his fault that he died" Johnny continued to defend Sonic. "What the fuck are you talking about?! I told you looking for other survivors wouldn't make sense! It would just mean a waste of weapons, food, and risk the lives of our friends. But no one listened to me!" he said. "Jim, just relax" Johnny said. Jim stormed up stairs into another room.

Johnny sighed. "Hey, sorry man. Jim can get easily pissed" Johnny apologized. 'It's cool" Sonic replied. Sonic sat down on an old, rusty chair. "Thanks for saving me back there. I'm Sonic" he let his hand out for a shake. Johnny accepted it. "The names Johnny". Sonic smiled.

"And, ya welcome. You know, you're lucky that we were there when we were. You looked unarmed" Johnny said. "I had a machete. But when one of them grabbed me by the leg, I dropped it into the dumpster". Sonic said.

Johnny sat down. "How many did ya kill before we found you?" Johnny asked. "A few" Sonic replied. Johnny rubbed his chin. "What were you even doing outside?" Johnny asked. "I went trying to look for my friends" Sonic answered.

"Why didn't you just stay inside, where the walkers won't get you?" Johnny asked another question. Sonic sighed. "I didn't have anything to board the house with, do if i stayed inside, I'd be screwed" Sonic answered. Johnny nodded.

"Well, you're just lucky we found ya" Johnny said again. Sonic nodded. Johnny got up. "If ya gonna be with us, ya gotta meet the crew" Johnny said. "That there is Mike" he pointed at the fox. "That's Trista" Johnny pointed at the purple hedgehog. "And that there is Wade" he pointed at a gray hedgehog.

Sonic nodded. "Nice to meet you guys" Sonic said. "Ya hungry?" Johnny asked. "Yeah" Sonic replied. Johnny went and came back with a bowl of oatmeal. "Dig in" Johnny said, passing the bowl to Sonic. Sonic started eating. 

Johnny sat down again. "So I'm guessing you know what happened?" Johnny asked. Sonic set his spoon down. "Yep. Someone messed with that potion at S4L and an infection started" Sonic answered. Johnny nodded. "Yeah. At first, it was just all the scientists at S4L. but soon, they started multiplying. It went from a few dozen, to a few hundred, to a few thousand, to a few million" Johnny said. 

Sonic's eyes widened. "All the scientists at S4L?" Sonic asked. Johnny nodded. "Oh no" Sonic said. Johnny raised an eyebrow. "A friend of yours work there?" Johnny asked. "Yeah..." Sonic replied. "Oh..." Johnny said.

Sonic continued eating. "So what's the plan?" Sonic asked. "Well" Johnny began. :It's pretty much the same plan every other survivor has: To survive til the military come" Johnny said. Sonic nodded. "That's what I was thinking" Sonic said. 

There was a sudden silence. Sonic just kept on eating. Suddenly, everyone heard someone running downstairs. It was Jim. "Guys! I was up scouting and the walkers are coming!" Jim exclaimed. Everyone heard moans and walkers ripping the boards. "What the fuck?!" Johnny exclaimed.

"Everyone! Gather everything necessary and put them in your bags! We're getting outta here!" Everyone ran around the place, getting their things. They had to escape!

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