Chapter 24

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Baylee's POV.

When I wake up I look over and see an empty bed. I grab my phone and text Matt "Where are you?" I ask "Working out" he replies. I look at the time 12:39 I look over at the boys and see them asleep. "Boys wake up! I wanna go walk on the beach!" The only one that wakes up is Nash "Alright let's go" he says.

We get changed and head out. "How's your head?" he asks as we walk into the sand "Bett- IS THAT MATT?!" I yell and point. I see Matt and a girl sitting on a towel leaning in about to kiss. "Matt what the hell?!" Nash yells "Baylee its not what you-" "Matt then what the hell is it? I know exactly what it is! your cheating on me!" I yell and run back to the hotel.

Nash's POV

"Dude what the hell are you doing?!" I yell at Matt "Baylee is the sweetest, most prettiest girl you could meet" "I didn't mean it!" he yells. I push him in the sand and run after Baylee

Baylee's POV

I run into the room and grab the rental car keys. I find the little red KIA optima and get in. Tears blur my vision as I drive down the street. "HONK HONK" I hear then soon I'm flipping and I'm upside down soon everything goes black again.

Nash's POV

I pick up my ringing phone "Baylee?" I say frantically "Hi this is Doctor Jones. You were in Baylee's contacts and I was wondering to you know her?" I hear a voice say "Yes yes where is she?" I yell into the phone "Well she was involved in a car accident earlier. She has a major concussion and some broken ribs." He says "IM COMING RIGHT NOW!" I yell "MATT SEE WHAT YOU DID BAYLEES IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL SHE FOT IN A CAR CRASH!" I yell as I gather my stuff. "What?" Matt says. I ignore him and run outside to catch a taxi.

Shawns POV

"car crash?" Johnson says. All the boys and I run out to catch cabs "What even happens?" I yell "Matt cheated on her and she must of left." Taylor says.

Nashs POV

"Where's Baylee?!" I yell as I run into the hospital "Level 2, room 97 " the lady says and u enter the elevator. When I get up there I knock and a doctor answers "She might not be awake for a while but try to be quiet please" he says and walks out. I see her body lay there looking lifeless. She has cuts and bruises all over her body and  stuff around her head. "Why you?" I say and sit in a chair next to her and hold her hand.

Soon the door opens and the boys rush in "shhhhh" I say and they all sit down. "She looks life less" Shawn says

Matt's POV

I look at Baylee she looks so hurt and so bad. "I did this" I say and tears fill my eyes


Baylee's POV

I wake up and see unfamiliar sights. I sit up and see boys laying around. Soon someone walks in the door. "Hi Baylee how are you feeling?" " who are they?" I ask confused. Soon one of the boys wakes up. The doctor walks over and talks to him "She doesn't remember us?" he exclaims "Baylee! its Hayes!" I shake my head "I don't know a Hayes" I say. He throws his head into his hands  The doctor hands me pills and water and I take them then he walks out.

"Boys! wake up now " the boy yells "No please don't!" I beg but its too late one by one the boys wake up and crowd me "Get away I don't know you!" I yell "What?" the blue eyed one says "Nash she lost her memory she doesn't remember a thing" The boy yells. I look over at one of the boys who starts crying "Why are you crying?" I ask "Because I did this to you" he says and I just sit there.


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