#26 - Ross (summer edition)

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#26 - Ross

Ross runs his fingers through your hair, and you smile knowing that he'll do it for awhile. he turns toward you and kisses you, as you squeal with joy. you want to spend your whole life with him.

hand in hand, you walk up the stairs to your deck and lay two towels out preparing for your tan/pool day, glad to be just hanging out with ross.

he unexpectedly puts his iPhone 5s on the portable speaker and plays a song that's unfamiliar to your taste in music and then realize it's a slow dance song. you both slow dance by the pools edge when Ross has an odd smirk. he let's go of your waist and pushes you into the icy pool. you scream and the water hits your stomach and face, where it's very sensitive to water. "wow Ross! you're such an ass!" you laugh as you come up from the water. you walk up the steps and push him in as he takes you along. you're both under the water and stay under, with your eyes open. he smiles and kisses you. it was extremely romantic to have such a babe kiss you under the water. you come up, longing for air, and smile at each other. "race ya across the pool!" he exclaims. "like you'll beat me!!" you exclaim back. as you both swim towards the side, you come up first, proud to present yourself as the winner. either way you both kiss, in love.





hello!! I don't have any clue if you saw my other "I'm sorry" note, but I'm deleting it because I wrote this! anyways, what i was saying in it is that I've been so extremely busy with gymnastics and school, but now that in like 4 more days that it's summer, I'll he updating AT LEAST 2-3 times a week. of course, don't be upset if I forget because i am going to be at gymnastics Monday-Thursday for a month because I have summer camp and my classes. so HAPPY SUMMER to those of you who are already on summer break! tell me what you're doing this summer below! also, I wanted to thank you all for 6.6k that's only 3.4k away until 10,000 amazing beauty's read R5 imagines (: . it's crazy, insane, extraordinary how a simple writer like me could get so many people to read this. thank you x1000 (: have an amazing rest of your day/night.

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