Just take me home

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Ellie's POV

I dressed after gymnastics and sighed slamming my locker shut. Usually Frank would be around the corner smiling and waiting. But today he went home early leaving me to walk alone to his house. I can't believe I kissed him!! That was the best moment ever! I sighed dreamily and followed the path. I knew his mom wouldn't be home tonight because PTA thing going on and she was apart of it. I opened the door to Frank's house. "Frankie?!" I call through the halls. No reply. I walk into his room to see he's on his bed listening to music. His mouth stretches into a smile and he sits up throwing his iPod across the floor. "Ell!!" He pulls me into a hug and kisses my cheek.

My heart flutters. He sits back down and I join him. He clears his throat. For the rest of the night, we just spend time together. Then I barely remember! "Hey Frank!!!!!!" I yell scaring the shit out of him. "Shit Ellie what!!!??" He asked scared. "I'M GOING TO PROM!!!!!!" I yelled. "What?! With who?" "Andy Biersack." I state. (A/N: I know he's only like 23 but lets pretended kay?) Frank forced a smile onto his face but you could see the anger and sadness in his eyes. Why would he do that? He doesn't like me back??? "A-Andy Biersack?" He repeated and I nod. I got a text from Gerard saying to come home. "I have to go Frank." I kiss his cheek and hug him before walking out leaving him gaping.

Frank's POV

Andy Biersack. Andy fucking Biersack. Isn't he dating Juliet?! He is!!! And he's a man-whore who fucks every girl in sight! And prom is usually where you run off and find a hotel and....and!! Well you know!!! Maybe I can tell Juliet and bring her to catch him in the act! But Ellie would be heartbroken. A day before her and Gerard's 18th birthday!! SHIT!! I dialed Ray's number and he came over right away with Mikey trailing behind him. "Shouldn't you be on a date?" I ask Mikey. He nods pushing his glasses up. "Ellie is gonna help me get ready after this." I cringe. Mikey and Ray shared a worried look. "This situation is cringe worthy? Explain!" Ray says.

So I do. And we sit there for about twenty minutes before Mikey yells, "I got it!!!!!!!!!" We sit up. "Got what?" We ask. "So Andy is dating Juliet and I heard he's fucking Maggie. So get both of them and show Ellie before she does anything. Then give her the best birthday ever! And Gerard." "GENIUS!!!!!!!! I'll get her two tattoos. Matching ones too!" "Aw! That's so cute! But you guys aren't dating." Ray says. I shrug, "But we're the closest ever." They nod and I say, "So I have two days to do this...."

~Two Days Later~ Ellie's POV

Taylor finished the last touches to my makeup and tied the corset to my dress. She did hers and then Mikey came in along with Alicia. "Gerard's back with Andy." He informed me. Alicia said, "You guys look drop dead gorgeous!" "Thank you!!" We reply. Over the course of the two days, Mikey and Alicia have been on dates. This is Alicia's first relationship and Mikey's third. They have been going slow. They have held hands, hugged, kissed on the cheek, and hung out. It was adorable and I like Alicia. They are a great couple. We go down the stairs and see Gerard and Andy. Their jaws drop and we hug them.

Andy has been nothing but sweet to me over the past two days. Also, on the two day span, Frank and I haven't talked. He hasn't been at school or home. And that scares me. I miss my best friend and the love of my life. My ma took pictures and we left. Over two hours later, we had been dancing and such so we decided to go to the football field. We stared into each other's eyes. I miss Frank's hazel eyes. Then, Andy leaned in and kissed me. I wanted it to be Frank. His lip piercing against my lips. Why am I thinking about Frank??? Oh yeah, I miss him and want him and only him.

The kiss got deeper. Andy started to untie my corset. I tugged at his tie and he started to kiss my jawline. I moaned and heard a familiar voice yell, "STOP!!!!!!!!" The voice I missed. The one I longed for. The one I fell in love with. "Frank!!!?" He had Maggie and Juliet from Science on each side of him. "He's dating these two. He was using you for a quick fuck because and I quote, 'She's hot." Frank said lividly. Tears welled up in my eyes and I turned to Andy. "Is this true?" He nodded. I lifted my hand and smacked him. Juliet and Maggie doing the same. "We're so sorry." They both told me. I heard a war call cry and see Gerard tackle Andy and punch him repeatedly. Mikey also joins in. And I've never seen them this mad.

As I was pushed into Frank's chest, Alicia took his place as he bent over to face Andy who was seeping blood. He punched him square in the nose knocking him out. Frank replaced Alicia's spot and kissed the top of my head. Ray and Bob, (their drummer) also took a kick. This was my family. And I loved them. I also watched as Gerard has to hold Taylor back from stabbing Andy with her pocket knife. "Are you alright?" I nodded. "Just take me home Frank." I was picked up bridal style and put into the passenger seat of the car.

I placed my head against the cold window. Frank passes my house but I didn't really care. He stopped at the meadow. Our meadow. The one where we could find each other if we storm off. It was our meadow and our small secret. There was only one tree. I trailed behind Frank and we sat in the tree. He pulled out a paper and it was a reservation to get two tattoos. "We're gonna get matching ones and I get to pick your other one." I nodded and he hugged me as I cried into him. He drove back to his house and handed me my pajamas from previous times. I put them on and climbed into bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. I wish this were us just sleeping and cuddling as a couple. He kisses me on the lips and I fall asleep in his arms overwhelmed by his smell.

Which contained, cigarettes (He turned 18 a week ago), cologne and spearmint. But that was all a dream and I wish i could never wake up from it. The next morning, Frank took me to my house to pick up Gerard and Mikey and me to change. They wanted to join for some reason. I wished Gerard happy birthday and hugged and kissed him. After I had dressed, my ma handed me an envelope. It was from the art collage I applied to. I really wanted to be a tattoo artist. Because like Gerard, we shared the same hobbies, art and music. I ripped it open and read. I turned a ghostly pale and my eyes widened. "What did it say?" Mikey asked. "I got accepted, I'm leaving for three years."

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