oChapter 8

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I was left there lost for  a couple of minutes, I just can't handel it.Its just day one and I want to assassinate him.

After I was out of my trance I made my way to the bathroom to get cleaned and wash off the feeling of discust that I had in me after that jerk touched me.

I stood in the shower not moving and not making any kind of noise,it was just the water that could be heard.I missed my mum so much at that moment although I haven't seen her in years but her memory is inside of me and I can't shake it off.


it was a warm summer day, I was sitting on the kitchen table and my mum was finishing up the dishes.Our house was always pretty quite, we never really socialised, my mum was scared that people would inform the government about me and we always had fake names, we would always lie about where we were from and our back round.It was weird but I know that all she wanted to do was protect me from evil.

She looked outside the window and I suddenly saw a change of expression on her face.It was fear but at the same time anger.She turned around frantically and run towards me,I had no idea to what was happening or why she was acting like she saw a ghost. She grabbed my hand and wanted to pull me to the basement, then suddenly the kitchen door was pushed hurshly and opened revealing two men dressed in black and holding what looked like an injection.

She continued pulling me towards the front door but there was no escape. As she was reaching for the door handle and opened the door other men dressed In black appeared. There was no way out and we knew it at that moment, we would never see each other again.


I came out of the shower feeling worser than when I went into it. The memories of my mum and the life that I could have had if it wasn't for all of this men seemed to always assault me, even haunt me at times. It's like they were mocking me, taunting me , telling me that I'm weaker and them stronger.

I opened up the closet, it wasn't that big just minimum, an area for shoes, dresses, jeans, shirts just the essentials. I managed to find something that I liked. It was this navy blue dress, knee length, short sleeves with a small black belt that fitted on my diaphragm area. I just paired it with simple black flats.

I made my way down the stair and started to find the kitchen which seemed to be very difficult to find. Hey on my defence this is a big house! And he didn't exactly tell me the directions. But well my nose led me to the right direction. There was an amazing smell of an omelette, fried sausages, fresh strawberries with mango jucie and coffee. Well I just smelt the sausages and I saw the rest on a well placed round glass table.

"Mhhh I can see you finally decided to join me. I was beginning to think that you would never show up. "the curly haired guy spoke to me with somehow a hint of happiness, like he was really glad I was there. God knows that I haven't experienced that in a long time.

"It not like you gave me a choice at all."

I know his being nice but really I mean he can drop the act, cause I know what he wants  and I know that this is an act to satisfy whats between his thighs and it makes me sick.

His sweet smile drop and he just turn to eat the food that was infront of him. Yup didn't take much for the mask to fall, didn't it.

"You will be joining me at the pool after this, your swimming suit will be in one of the bedside drawers."

"Wait! Don't I get to choose where I want to be?"

"You know what I thought I could be civil with you but I was wrong. Slaves will always be slaves. Only good for fucking and nothing else."

What an ouch to my ego and self esteem. I can't believe this guy what an animal. How does he expect me to act after he ripped my life apart. I hate him more every day.


I found the swim suit and lets just say my mum wherever she is wouldn't want to see me like this. I look worser than a stripper.

And again after hours of searching I finally found the fucking pool. I walked up with sandles and a purple bikini (top and bottom) with a light scarf to cover my bottom. And there he was lying on a pool chair under the sun and you, me, god he looked hot actually...hotter than hot. I mean he only had boxers on what was I suppose to do put on a blind fold.

Harry's pov

I could see her from the conner of my eyes and she looked hot. I picked good. I felt my dick twich under my boxers.That effect that her body movements have on me and the way her hair blows with the wind, fuck I definitely want to hear her scream my name and I will make sure she will.

She took a seat next to me.It was my plan though, because there were only two chairs in the whole pool area. I figured if there were more chairs she would sit somewhere far.

"Get in the pool now."


"Didn't you hear me? ok I'll repeat it." I said it while getting up. She got up at the same instance with a scared expression on her face. I know it's cruel but I like this controll that I have on her to make her fear me.

I grabbed her hips and pressed her to my body. Agghh the smell of her skin is intoxicating. I started kissing her neck and she tried pushing me, but the more she pushed the more I wanted.

I pushed her into the pool and I jumped in too.

I want her.

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