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" Lou.. Louis!!". Louis quickly looked up from his plate to find a concerned looking Liam staring at him. Shit, how long had he been staring at the food without touching any of it? How long had Liam been trying to get his attention? " S-sorry I .. I don't feel well ", Louis stuttered, hoping very dearly his stomach would stop begging him for food, would stop making those weird noises and would stop hurting for just one minute. "Thats already the third time this week Lou! I'm calling doctor Anabel now and you're going to get yourself checked, if you want it or not!", Liam says sternly while fishing his phone out of his pocket. "No! Liam, don't you fucking dare, don't you fucking dare!" Louis snaps, panic overwhelming him. If he had to go to the doctors they'd tell him that he needed to eat more and that he shouldn't purge out every single bit he ate and that he had to stop working out so much but he just didn't want that. Not now, when he was finally losing a bit of weight! " I'm perfectly fine, okay, leave me the fuck alone!" he exclaimed, got up from his chair and left the cold plate where it was standing, untouched. Ignoring the shocked look on Liam and Zayn's face he made his way upstairs, just fast enough to get away from his friends that wanted to betray him, wanted him to get fat again. Tears filled Louis' eyes as he was thinking about it all, those fuckers just wanted Louis to get fat again, so the bullies would bully him even more. The bullies at uni were now bullying him for losing the weight they used to bully him for. People would constantly call him anorexic and weak, but he wasn't. He really wasn't, he was just on a diet. A strict one.

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