Chapter 11- The Kishin's Alive

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My whole body trembled. I was shaking real badly.

"Reena! Calm down!" Aran yelled while grabbing my shoulders. His touch made stop shaking a bit. " What's wrong?" He asked. I shook his hands off of me.

"Nothing. I'm just a little shaken after what happened," I admitted.

"Medusa's not that scary. Besides, we got it over with." We both inched our way down to the Death Room. "You didn't look scared at all."

"Aran, we transferred over to EAT class a year ago. This is our first time dealing with Medusa. It's nerve-wracking," I exclaimed.

We entered the Death Room where only to find no one there. Lord Death was gone. So was Spirit and Stein.

"What was the number to call Lord Death?" Aran asked. I thought about it for a second.

"42-42-something something something, whenever you want to knock on Death's door," I called. Aran looked at me in confusion.


"564" We heard a female voice. Maka and Soul appeared.

"Hey Soul! Wassup?" Aran asked the 'cool' guy. They both high-fived.

"Trying to figure this out but it turns out we just did," I called. I blew on the mirror, which made it foggy. Then I traced 42-42-564 onto the mirror. Soon it started ringing.

"So how was surrendering to Medusa?" Maka asked curiously.

"Everything was a success but Reena was freaking out like a scaredy cat," Aran stated. I clenched my fists and sweat dropped.

"Yeah-yeah, sure Aran. I'm a real scaredy cat," I nervously stated to Aran and the others.

Suddenly, Lord Death popped up on the mirror.

"Hello everyone! How was your trip Reena and Aran?" He asked. I shuddered.

"Medusa believes yes. We're ready to get on the next step," Aran stated.

"That's wonderful!" Lord Death exclaimed as he flashed a peace-sign at us. "You just keep on reporting back to us from Medusa and we'll be able to come up with a plan with that information. You two may leave."

Aran and I nodded. We both left the Death Room, only to hear a bit of Maka,Soul, and Lord Death's conversation.

"Yes Lord Death. Plan A is complete," Maka stated. Plan A? what's going on?

"Good. Now to Plan B. Professor Stein will explain the details later. But right now..." Lord Death's voice faded away as we walked away.

"Did you hear about that Reena?" Aran asked. I nodded.

"I have a bad feeling about their plan. And yes it seems kinda suspicious they're talking about us," I remarked.

"YAHOO!" We heard a familiar voice. I turned and saw Black*Star topple over Aran and I.

"*cough* *cough* Black*Star, hey..." I choked out.

"Yeah... *snifle* would you mind getting off us?" Aran asked.

"Sure guys!" He smiled as he got off us. "So how was it? Did you beat them? I guess not because I'M THE AMAZING BLACK*STAR!" His grin made me make this I-don't-give-a-fuck face.

"Um Black*Star, we didn't fight her. We were just going on her team," I stated.

"Oh, well that sounds fun! Betraying the DWMA as your mission!" Tsubaki exclaimed.

"It was fun for our first mission!" Aran remarked. Maka and Soul soon came to us.

"So what are you guys talking about?" Soul asked.

"Medusa revived the Kishin," Kid called.

"Oh hey Kid," I greeted him. "Kid?! When did you get here?"

"I have urgent news. Medusa revived the new Kishin."

"That fast?!" Maka asked. "But how?!"

"We don't know how. But Medusa has revived it. We have to act fast!" Kid called.

"Shibusen!" Spirit called as he ran to us.

"D-dad?" Maka stuttered. She started to put both hands in a fist. I could tell she doesn't like her dad very much.

"We have to act quickly. All report to the Death Room!" We all ran into the Death Room.

"Hello Shibusen. We must act quickly before Medusa decides to do anything with the Kishin. All report to Medusa's immediately! Prepare to fight!"Lord Death called.

*Time Skip by Lord Death*

Game face on and courage strong. Aran in my hand, Kid and his guns, Maka and Soul.

"Alright kids. Okay here's the plan. We storm into Medusas place. Black*Star and Tsubaki, go around the outer area. Kid, Liz, and Patty, go search for any signs of madness. Maka, Soul, Reena, and Aran come with me," Stein commanded us.

We all went different ways and soon enough, we ran into a friendly, sadden face.

"Crona?" Maka asked. Maka's has been friends with Crona for the longest time.

"I'm s-sorry M-Maka. I have to fight you. Or else I'll be killed by Medusa. They're watching me. You can't take me away," Crona stuttered.

"No. There should be another way so you won't die," I called.

"We'll do it!" Aran called.

"Are you crazy Aran?" Soul called.

"You better hold back though, Reena!"

"But I don't want to fight you!"Crona called.

"Let them do it," Stein ordered. We looked at him in shock. He dragged Maka away and left.

"I'm sorry Crona!" I called. "Midnight Blade!"

Aran turned into that black blade. Sorry Crona. But we'll both live.

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