Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Al's POV

You couldn't even imagine how happy I am right now. My sister actually hugged me. I know it sounds a little stupid being happy that your sister hugged you, but to me it isn't. This was the first time in months that I saw Prim not screaming or shouting, she was smiling instead. I felt so over the moon and that hope that disappeared from within me after months and months of trying to get her to speak has now finally returned to me. I can now believe and hope that my Prim would someday, somehow return to me.

But, every time I think like this, something always goes wrong. The next day she would cry and scream again and I don't want to end up heart broken again. So, for now, I'm not going to hope, I'm just going to go along and see what happens. If I see that she is solely getting better, then I promise that there would be nothing, nothing at all to stop me this time.

For now, I will run to my bed and scream like a little girl cause my sister hugged me after months and months of depression in the house. This is the only happy thing that has happened to me after Prim got taken.

On that day, I felt as if I failed to be a big sister, failed to protect my sister from all the harm that could damage her, I kept asking myself why I let her go out on her own in the night. I keep saying to myself why couldn't have it been me instead of her? She is just a pure innocent girl that is unaware of the evilness in this world.

Even though we are only a year apart in age, I have always kept her under my wing, I have always protected her from danger and I never let her feel insecure. Even in school, if I see someone teasing her I will go up to them and deal with them my way and tell them to get lost. She has never experienced any real danger until that day.

That day changed everything. Our relationship, her mentality and basically everything! I know that it will never be the same, but I still want Prim to get better. She is no longer a girl who has been protected all her life and had had no harm done to her. Her whole personality, mentality and thoughts has changed. She has changed.

I pull out my old crappy Samsung from my pocket and I log on to twitter. I scroll through my pages replying to some people from school. That's when I realised that I had a new follower.

I never have actually had many followers on twitter. Maybe about 20 or so, but I haven't asked anyone to follow me lately. Maybe I have become popular during this Easter holidays? Naa, that can't be the case. Cause I'm already popular. Joke lol, I'm not that popular at school, but I still get along with most people.

I was actually excited for getting a new follower without me having to beg them for at least 24 hours, I clicked on my followers and read the name. This person was not anyone who I was expecting it to be. My eyes widened at the name and I felt and strong stroke of anger push through me when I read the name.

It wasn't any normal person, it was.... Harry Styles.


Oooooooo. It's harry styles the raper lol.

Anyways, I know my chapter aren't that long, but I promise that they will get longer once we get to the main part of the story. We are slowly building up to there. Don't worry we will get there soon.

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