Chapter 5

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Chapter 5:

Erikka's P.o.v.

My dreamless sleep seemed brief. It was beautiful until a warm weight was lifted from my waist. At that point, the monsters fell upon me like a tidal wave breaking free from a dam. (A/n: get some dam French fries!)

I sat up, panting. Sweat dripped down my back as the roars of monsters faded in my head. Breathing deeply, I took in my surroundings. Light poured into the room through a small window in the corner. Other than that, we were mostly underground.

But something was missing.

"Leo! You up, ya lazy sack of- hello." The door flung open from the cabin and I was left facing a grinning guy with spiky black hair and a camp shirt with the sleeves ripped off. "Who are you?" He raised an eyebrow and gave me a knowing look while flexing his nonexistent muscles.

"Uhh, José! I'm José." For some reason, Spanish always seemed to be my back up plan, even when I can't speak a lick of it.

Spiky smiled at me. "Well, José," he said with sarcasm on the name, "wanna hang out some time?" His smirk reminded me of Leo's, and was utterly infuriating.

Well the thought of him and I 'hanging out'- if that is what he meant- was truly scary. "Nope!" I jumped out of his bed and sprinted past Spiky.

"Seriously? You don't want a slice of this?" He called after me, but I just ignored him and kept going. Making a beeline for my cabin and ignoring the looks from other campers, I threw myself inside before slamming the door.

My relieved panting stopped abruptly when someone cleared their throat. Looking up, I found Nico sitting up straight on his bed with a dirty smile. "So, little sister, where have you been all night, hmm?" I groaned.

"Nico! It's not like that- Nico!" My words bounced off of his stupid head as he grabbed two large back packs and took off at a sprint from the cabin. Had this been anyone else's life, they would have chased him, tackled him, and been triumphant. However, I don't run. Almost never.

So I intensely speed walked after him.

Don't judge.

Nico was pretty far ahead, and seemed to be screaming something to everyone he passed. My best guess was that it was about me because everyone I passed seemed to applaud or wolf whistle. To which I tried to hide my face behind my bed head. Thankfully, I'd slept in running shorts and a camp shirt so I didn't look completely out of sorts.

Finally, breathing heavily, I found a small group of people near the camp entrance. Nico was talking excitedly, and he kept running his hands through his fantastic black hair. Anna was there, freaking out. Leo and his friend from the Aphrodite cabin was there as well. At that, my speed walk slowed down.

She wasn't going on the quest, so why was she here? Was she saying goodbye? Were they a thing now? Questions dashed through my brain, each one vying for my attention.

Seeing me walk up, Anna's tan face lit up in a grin. Her black hair was tied up in a messy bun, and a white bandana was tied and folded on her forehead. The usual camp shirt was replaced by a white t-shirt reading 'I Won the County Fair Corn Dog Eating Contest When I Went to Missouri'. The contest people had mailed it to her after we'd gotten back. They even put her winning picture on the back.

"Rikki!" My best friend exclaimed, clapping enthusiastically while adjusting the backpack on her shoulder. I smiled warmly at Anna. Doing my best to ignore the Aphrodite girl with feathers in her hair, I caught my breath next to Nico. "So spill! Leo hasn't said a word, unfortunately. But you're here now, and I want details."

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