Kat’s p.o.v:


I just finished my last photo shoot at the big apple I thought about leaving the business for a while but I think instead I could bring work back home to Hawaii.

My Name is Katrina Clark I'm 17 years old I've been a model since I was 11 my parents moved with me to New York till I was 14 then went back home to Hawaii. They would visit me once in a while but I decided that I should go back to Hawaii. I'm also planning on going to a real high school for my last year instead of being home schooled. We live in Maui in Hawaii I was born in Kauai but we moved.

Right now I'm about to board our private plane and see my parents i really miss the Hawaiian beach. I wonder if i will see him.


6 years ago


“ Kat pls be my girlfriend?” Daniel asked me with pure love in his eyes. We were in 6th grade I know that I might be young but according to everyone I have the mind of a teen.

“ yes yes Daniel I would love too” I smiled then he came and hug me.

Things were going well me and him doing all school partner homework's together. I've meet his family and he met mine. We had been together for 3 weeks now its been great for the past 2 weeks but then drama has been striking oh ya did I tell you that this girl flirts with Daniel so I decided to tell him.

Dan blew up and cussed towards the girl.

Its Tuesday January 22 2003

I was sitting with my class outside on the field when Daniel came out crying. I went over to him and hugged him didn't care if the whole class is watching us i don't care about that all i care is about Daniel. He hugged me back then kissed my forehead and said i love u. We walked back to join our class. When we got our instructions we all separated and did our work when one of Daniel's friend came over to me he gave me a note that says “ I'm sorry but i cant do this-D”  with that i started to cry all my heart out cry all the pain out. “ pls don't forget that i love u-K” i gave it to his friend and ran i ran and ran into the school's dance room it was empty so i played Where did everybody go and danced my heart out.

Its been 3 months since the break up im still heartbroken. Then one day a lady name Linda Gail came and offered me to be a child model and she will manage me till i grow up. I knew that this is my chance to get away and be someone new.

Im telling my class what is happening today. I hope that i will not break down into tears.

“ ok class pls setle down kat has something to tell all of you” the teacher anounced as i stepped up in front of the class.

and started to speak.

“ hey guys i have something really important to tell you i know this is late but. Im leaving hawaii to move to new york city i will say no more but im really sad to go ill see you guys when i come home” every word i said forced every tear out of me when i finished i ran out of ‘the class to the dance studio and put on Where did everybody go.

The door opened reaveling daniel he was crying.

“ hey” i smiled weakly

“ why?” he just asked with out saying hey

“ im sorry i want to take the oppurtunity to find something new” i said crying with my head down on my legs daniel bent down and hugged me then kissed me on the fore head the was it its finally time to say goodbye.

Flash back over


All those memories flooded back in my mind i dont need him anymore im not the fragiled broken girl i was before im more confident and stronger.

“hey kat were here” linda smiled helding out a hand to help me up which i accepted.

“ so lins how are we gonna get to my house?” i asked

“ the limo and there are paparazzis  outside of the airport “ she informed

and i nodded.

When we walked out many people were out there snapping pics asking for autographs and i gladly signed.

We hoped in the limo and headed to my house is was a 45 minutes drive from the airport me and linda were freaking out over some hot guy models she was 20 when she asked me to be a model and now she is 26 she is like a sister to me. She got me big in my life. When we arrived to my house i noticed 1 extra car on the drive way i decided to take the back door which led to the pool i wanted to suprise my parents they think im going home next month. I notice they werent in the kitched then i heard talking in the living room i removed my pumps so they wont hear any sound.

Me and lins counted 1 2 3 and “ suprise”

we yelled and m parents jumped out of their seats i was too focused on my parents i didnt notice who the guest were.

“ oh my gosh our baby is home kale our baby is back” my mom cried on my shoulder then dad came and hugged me.

“ kat i thought it wasnt until next month you were gonna come home” my dad stated

“ i brought work with me” i smiled

“ linda its good to see you” my dad smiled then linda came and hugged them she was like a daughter to them. I held on to lins arm as i put my shoes back on.

“ oh my im sorry” my mom said to the guests im pretty sure ive seen then before.

“ kat remember them?” my mom asked and i shook my head

“ its me Darren Reid” the man smiled then click its his family but where is he.

“ oh now i remember its good to see you guys again but me and lins really need to go and shoot my for an hour then come home and rest” i smiled weakly

they nodded in understandment.

“ sweetie another photo shoot?” my dad asked and i nodded

“ well go and come home and you two can rest” my mom smiled then kissed my cheek and Lin's cheek.

After the shoot me and lins came home and fell asleep tomorrow is my first day of school.

I hope i don't see him i thought he was at Kauai with all his sluts.

Welcome back Katrina.

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