June 27th, 2012

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Well it’s only the first week of summer and not much has happened, besides showing off in the dress I bought. I think it worked, but I’m not really sure. I didn't get exactly the reaction I wanted from him specifically but the other guys in his class did do a double take, which was a good pride stroking for me. I think I’ll look up online some hairstyles I want. Punk Rock Hair Styles. It's a workable style; I can go messy, curly, straight whatever! Maybe even add some colour.

I found one that has the right cut, but the colour of the hair is dark and way more layered than I would ever want it. Also the girl in the picture has dark punk makeup on, which totally clashes with what I look like; clean, no makeup, and light blonde waist length hair. Well, this should be interesting an interesting change, but that's exactly what I want. Change.

I'm meeting some friends today to clean out the music room at our high school so I'll see what they think about the haircut then.


So I'm off walking to meet one of my best friends Mackenzie. We met in grade 9 and somehow kept our friendship going despite some arguments and the fact that we really don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues. I guess that's what’s kept us close, we get to argue with each other. We're going back to our high school to help our music teacher clean up the room. It's something the music kids do at the end of every year, we go to the room after exams are done and we file music, clean instruments and just kind of hang out. This is the last year we get to do it though because we've graduated and our music teacher, Mr. Helm, is retiring. 

He was one of those teachers that everybody loves. Even if you weren't in his music class you knew about him. He was more than just a music teacher though, he taught us life skills and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only life he's saved. By saved I mean that he made me believe that I could do better and not just settle with doing all right. I don't think he ever gave me a break and he always said "There's no rest for the stupid". Not only that, he was just good to talk to about pretty much anything. 

Band and music class was the thing I clung to during high school. It was that one thing that I had to do every year, even if it killed me, and some years it almost did. The band became my family, especially last year. They were my one big family of 60 or so music loving nut-jobs. I literally joined every band I could: the wind ensemble, flute ensemble and jazz, (I had to learn saxophone for that one) I even did choir. It was loads of fun and gave me something to do and something I could be apart of. It was that one thing that I could, with out a doubt, do.

Today is the last day any of us get to see him as a teacher. We've known he was going to retire at the end of this year for a while; it's still hard to think about. It's the end of a lot of things for us this year. The end of high school, a lot of people moving away, my friends are trying to keep their relationships going while everyone moves away to go to school. It all kind of added up. Plus the end of our music teacher’s career was just one more reality check. 

When I caught up to Mac I showed her the picture of the hair cut I want. She likes it, which is good because she may not know it but her opinion means a lot to me. She’s not going to say it but I know she’s thinking it has something to do with Thomas. Well it doesn’t. Maybe a little, but that’s not the point. Never mind I can explain him later...or never...don't really want to talk about it. 

So we got to the school, into the music room, I plugged in some jams and we got to work. Jane and Carter, other band members, were there helping out too. Mac, Jane and I organized the music and the folders from band and Carter cleaned the Tuba's since that's his instrument.

We finished organizing music after Carter came to help. After we just hung out for a bit listening to music on Helm's killer sound system that he has set up in the room. We snapped a couple pictures of Mac standing next to a tuba...they're kind of the same size! She's a pint sized furry though so I wouldn't mess with her. Zoe and Kyle decided to pop in right at the end. Then Robbie showed up for a second to give Helm a Big Bang Theory poster. Carter took off because everything is done, even though it took him a bit to say goodbye to Helm. We, being Zoe, Kyle, Jane, Mac and I decided we were going to go out for lunch and just chill together. When we started to leave Helm said “See you later…oh wait.” We all stopped. I'm sure we were all at the point of tears.

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