Chapter One

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hey y'all, i dont know how often i will be able to update, as i am 34 weeks pregnant and i am trying to put together a nursery. i'll try my best to get at least a chapter a week if not more. please feel free to give me input and leave comments! i love hearing from you lovely people! Any way, Enjoy! 


Brad paced the waiting room, his gaze flicking fr om the clock on the wall to the doors leading into the operating room. Worry etched on his face, he let out a huff as he flopped down into one of the waiting room couches. He pulled out his phone, scrolling through the many contacts finally reaching the one that he wanted. He put the phone to his ear and waited as it rang. A gruff voice answered the other line, and Brad quietly said into the phone, “Dad? I need your help. It’s an emergency.”

 While Brad was filling his father in on the situation, there was a real emergency happening on the other side of the hospital. Nurses scurried around the operating room prepping for the upcoming C-Section. Sarah grimaced as a wave of pain hit her abdomen, crying out in the extreme pain. One of the nurses stopped and came over to the foot of the bed, looking at the girl laying there with pity. “It looks like you are five centimeters dilated; do you want something for the pain? It won’t make it go away but it’ll take the edge off of these nasty contractions.” Sarah began to say something, but another contraction hit her, this one more powerful than the last, and all she could do is let out a strangled “Please!” 

The elderly nurse brought over the medicine and out it into the IV drip. Sarah relaxed, instantaneously feeling the effects; she lay back on the bed. Sarah slowly looked around the room, her thoughts becoming fuzzy and jumbled. Laying her head against the pillow and let her drift off into sleep.

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